Saturday morning ☀ ☀ ☀

Im off on a bike ride before it gets too hot, then watching open air shakespeare in the afternoon.



Absolutely no idea. Waiting to see if I’m playing cricket today. If so, that, if not the world is my oyster.

Been up since dawn with kiddo. Watched the idles set on iPlayer may have had a little cry . Given kiddo breakfast and now going for a walk before it becomes unbearable. Working until 8 this evening.


was it that bad, aye



going to ride my bike in circles round a field later. but first: eggs



Up already cos noisy caravan neighbours arrived last night and were screaming and shouting at 7am :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Operation Stay Cool has begun, which let’s face it won’t be hard for me haha hahahaha :cold_sweat:

Listening to Ween while pottering about the house currently, taking the eldest to gymnastics shortly and then we’re checking out the new food and other stuff market that’s just started in my town later.

Morning all!

Followed Sumer Duvet Protocol last by sleeping under a sheet and it was a revelation.

I need to pack our bags for holiday today.

Bender day 2

Apparently I slept

Bender day 2


Bit rude of you all to hang out in London instead of Bristol imo :triumph:

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Yeah I’ve just done exactly this too. Amazing stuff.

Sleep: Good
Wisdom Tooth: Still bad
Breakfast: At Tesco’s
Plans: Minimal
Chances of doing nothing today: Unreasonably high

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hi thewarn

heading to Oxford to see some pals. gonna swing by rapha bicester on the way back.

Need an early night because tomorrow I’m starting a 320km bike ride at 2.30am :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

currently watching Interpol’s glasto set. very shonky.

Off to work in 3 minutes. Really can’t stress enough how little I want to do that. Charity music quiz tonight though so that’ll be a nice thing.

Dad’s wedding today :grimacing:

Weird and unrelated dream

I had a dream in which one of our rough sleepers was singing a really aggressive “diss track” song at someone else. Eventually I realised she was singing it to the tune of The Rake’s Song by the Decemberists… She was so happy that I’d recognised the song that she calmed down and had a good chat to me.

At the caravan/seaside - weather is not quite as glorious as yesterday sadly but still dry. Going out for lunch for my mum’s birthday and then going to go for a walk to Culzean.

Should totally do a Bristol meet in the summer holidays? Sit in the park or something…

Up, ocado sorted, fridge very, very full.

No plans other than gardening and sorting some work, in the garden, obvs.

I’m gonna be in London at the end of August tbf, might have to see if I’ve got space to squeeze in some DiSers :thinking:

Child is still sleeping. I have a huge boil brewing on my chin. Looks like the weather is cloudy again. Cava for breakfast.