Saturday morning

Morning, DiS! How’s your weekend looking? I’m back to bed in a mo and then off on a spooky Halloween adventure to a haunted woods this evening!

4am work panic

I realised that I didn’t communicate a vital link with the wider team for a campaign going live on Monday so am up scheduling emails to them for 8am this morning to check what they’re doing. Hope they’re all online on a Saturday morning! The worst case scenario isn’t too big a deal but it’s taken me twenty minutes to remember that I have the power to fix the possibility of a wrong link anyway (by changing the content of it) and most I need to externally process all of this too


It’s still Friday night


Very competitive to set up the morning thread though, faps. Imagine if Id waited till 9am - like some fool - when all the parents of DiS are already up and dithering over the ‘create topic’ button. There’d have been egg on my face if I was a split second too slow. No, you get up at 4am, they never see it coming then.




Had a nice dream about a diser, should probably update the dreams about disers thread. But I will not.

Going to soft play this morning with some of m’s cousins, then to see her other grandparents, then to the Glastonbury zombie walk.

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:arrow_double_up: going to greens for lunch today
:arrow_down: need to tidy up first
:arrow_up: because a few people are coming back to ours for a party afterwards
:arrow_down: I can’t eat any of the party food in the fridge until then

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Couldn’t sleep. Playing some fifa then will shortly be having eggs and coffee, then playing football, watching football and the rest

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Morning! Have a good day everyone.

Frank says I’m old and sleepy.


Will never be a member of so solid crew with this rapping style


Woke up a while ago. Haven’t bern able to get back to sleep since, didnt help that my brain started telling me that if this happens tomorrow then it will be an hour earlier and that will be even more fun. Hahaha! yeah, good one, brain.

Might go watch the fireworks tonight, might not, too early to tell.

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Morning all :wave:

Today’s plans:

  • tidy the house in advance of a viewing
  • take the girls out for a woods walk whilst the viewing goes on
  • make, and eat, a chicken shawarma pie
  • try not to feel down about work/job stuff

@squandered, I feel like the “delay delivery” function of Outlook is one of the curses of the modern era. Just, not tramlines between our home and work life anymore! Hope you manage to have some rest too.



Can hear the rain lashing it down so good job I am doing nothing today.

Might get some work done I suppose at some point.

Big match later.

Might cook something nice involving vegetables as feel very unhealthy diet wise this week.

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Have had something cold/flu like brewing for a few days and I think it’s finally arrived proper. Feel like shite. Did an LFT the other night and it was fine.

Gutted as was looking forward to seeing bairn one run around daft with one of his pal’s from nursery (with whom he weirdly shares his quite uncommon name) at the bairn from nursery’s birthday party. Reckon I’ll have to send the wife with him instead.

Also the wife is going round to her pal’s later and I don’t want her feeling guilty about leaving me to put both bairns in bed on my own when I feel like crap.

Just kind of want a bath and some lemsip with whisky in but got a good chunk of parenting to do.

Hi everyone

Moody is on the radio - what a tuuune

Pub date last night was a bit meh, fine but I don’t think there will be a 3rd. Hangover is only mild

Today I’m gonna meet my eldest daughter (and maybe my son ) for brunch or lunch. Then this eve I’m out for pizza for a second date which I’m really hoping will not be meh

Not sure what I will do in between those 2 things

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I’ve woken up really old.


HP BD @weeber !


The rain has come here. It’s going to rain all day too. Didn’t want to leave the house anyway.

Hangover levels are zero because I has having too much fun dancing at last nights 808 state gig to go to the bar. It was so good that it made me wonder if I’m not actually too old for clubbing and I came up with a great idea - clubbing for over 40s that’s done by 11pm

We’re out tonight, but we’ve been told it’s not a Halloween party, but there will be a tarot reader there


Happy Birthday man! :kissing_heart::tada::partying_face::birthday::gift::balloon::confetti_ball:


This sort of thing exists! I’m trying to find an example but I’ve certainly heard of it.

I had half a mind to launch something like that in Cambridge a few years back based on (a) being too old to stay up much past midnight and (b) the last train leaving Cambridge around that point.


good morning!

My house smells of popcorn