Saturday morning


Alright champs! Happy weekend to ye. I’m up early to sneak in a wee cycle and then undo my good work with some botty* brunch in Stoke Newington later with my wife and her mate :champagne:



hello J_I
i’m going to check out a studio that i might be renting today, but otherwise i will be spending my day in front of the computer as usual
might get a pizzer later


I had toast and coffee for breakfast. I wish I’d gone out.

Football later this morning. Other than that, no plans at all for the entire weekend.






Hows it going?

Still in bed listening to Jenny Hval. Debating whether to eat anything before squash in a bit. My flatmate is crashing around the flat and making plenty of noise.

Beyond eating and squash. No real plans. Might go into town later to watch the game.


In bed, ill, after a long week at work. Great.

Meant to be going to an LFF screening tonight. If I dose myself up on paracetamol I should be able to see it through…


aye, same here. just done a massive pile of dishes. back to bed in a bit. woo-hoo!


Morning good people. My wife’s making us egg and bacon rolls and I have no fixed plans for the weekend which is perfect after a tiring week. Options for the next couple of days include boardgames, Xbox/PS4, films, reading and maybe going for a wonder if it’s nice. Right now that sounds perfect.


Heyooo :wave:

Been up early :clock1: getting stuff done (tidy :wastebasket: , washing :shirt: etc) off to the pub in an hour :beers: , rugby :rugby_football: later then more pub :beers: :thumbsup:


Actually awake despite working till 3am! Go wr. Going to see a North Korean film for probably the first time in my life in a bit. Watching two more films later today and need to write a festival guide as well (to make up for my free festival pass). Invited to some fun things tonight but I’m working daytime shift tomorrow so probably not going to bother :frowning:


Woke up in time for McDonald’s breakfast



my mrs’ pal is over for the weekend with her new bf, a welsh lad’s lad who reminds me of an old friend and therefore I got suddenly very drunk with yday.

Tonight we’re going out big. I haven’t gotten properly oh fuck drunk for ages but I suspect this one is going to get silly


A bit hungover. Had the most horrible beer I’ve ever had last night. Now drinking coffee and watching the Cubs game from last night. I’m going to a wedding this evening but not sure what I’m gonna do in the day. I was gonna do some work but my computer fan has started making a really loud grinding noise which doesn’t sound very usable.


What was the beer? Was it a cranberry stout because seriously that is hellshit


I think I’m addicted to the AIBU section on mumsnet. It just draws me in, it’s a glorious car crash of a place.


It was a gose from Sweden. Sour, sour filth.


hi friends

my headache seems to be gone and i’m not dizzy. which is really good news but still gonna get it checked out and take it easy.

sooo much reading to do for next week but it’s stuff i enjoy learning isnt it


I’m reading something for the first time in about 10 years. It’s Nietzsche so doesn’t really count but still


sour beers. It’s an issue. The right lambic is glorious but the wrong one just tastes of acid and regret


I’ve never read much Nietzsche… probably should. One of the books I have to read for next week is an ethnography with some Nietzchian influences.