Saturday Morning

Morning all!

I’m up early with The Child as is standard.

No drama today so we’re heading down to Tyneside for a few days.

I hope your plans are both wholesome and fun.


Waiting for the missus to finish doing her makeup and then we are off to a museum and other stuff in Barcelona. Gonna skip breakfast so I’m hungry enough for a massive selection of tapas for lunch


Morning all :wave:

It’s a beautiful morning here :sunny: plans are

  • go for a walk this morning
  • maybe sort some garden bits out / mow the lawn etc
  • pizza this evening

It’s just nice not having to get out and about immediately.


Off to work, staffing an open day. Raining in Tyneside at the mo @keith but it’ll be nice later. Sun shines on the righteous…

Think we’ve got a kid-free night tonight, and it’s the first proper episode of Strictly! You know you’re on the run in to Christmas when Tess and Claudia are dominating Saturday night TV.

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Had a fever all night, guess it was flu jab related, had some incredibly disturbing dreams about ufos shudder

Work today then might go to this arts show later on but i get the feeling there’ll be a lot of “come on, just one drink before you go” sort of stuff so idk :woman_shrugging:t2:


Lovely morning here but I am trapped under a sleeping child. Tunes and coffee for now, followed by scrambled eggs and more coffee and juice. Then a long-overdue tidy and clean, playing some records I’ve picked up recently. Then lunch with my girlfriend’s parents, with a quick trip via an exhibition she designed part of. Home for beer, tv and hopefully some early beauty sleep.


Thanks Mam!

I haven’t had my weather update from my actual mother yet but she normally sends one ten minutes after we’ve left.


Going into town today. Do not want at all.

I bought Wor Lass some of those glow in the dark ghost pyjamas.

She loves them but apparently keeps scaring herself when she wakes up for a wee in the night.


Juat watched an episode of the new Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Not as annoying as expected

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Still a bit annoying though innit


Had a nice lie in this morning - Wasn’t at work until 7.30. Caught the train in as the sun was coming up

Nice easy day really but got a 2 and a half hour break at Worcester that is going to be boring as fuck. Might go for a walk down by the river.


Oh yeah

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My bf told me one of the ghosts looks like me :smile:

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Yo, up with the child who is watching Tumble. Got to clean the house as we’ve a friend staying over. Also, going to the opening of a new skatepark in the town near me this afternoon. (@rich-t)

The trucks on my board have rotted away, but going to borrow someone’s and try not to die/shatter my knees.

May end up in hospital later, LOL



Sunny as here so going to get washing done, take dog for long walk somewhere and then kids are off fishing with my dad.

Fancy cooking something like a pie for dinner…

MrS has covid now so I’ll be doing my best caring as well. Which generally means asking if he has taken tablets each 4 hours :rofl:


Just awake there after a tiny lie in. Going to a 4th birthday party which involves pizza, so that’ll be fun I suppose. Might try and get out for a couple of pints to the pub later.

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Oh ok just looked at my bank balance so that’s crushed my good mood pretty comprehensively.

In a house of the unwell.

Got back from a work trip late Thursday and feel generally rough. Daughter 1 had a fever last night. Daughter 2 woke twice in the night I vomit in her cot.

So yeah, no plans except trying to survive and all feeling sorry for ourselves.

Bonjour mes amis!

A low impact day today - taking Jimbo for a haircut this morning, then going for some birthday drinks this afternoon. And that’s about it. Suits me tbh

Scrambled egg on toast for breakfast