Saturday night dance I like the way you move thread

Not gonna do much tonight I don’t think. I’m knackered. Hbu?

Yo! Might go to that gig at the Library. Might also stay in. Undecided.

Gone to see the parents. Gonna watch footy and have a chinese

I was thinking about going to that. The sofa is pretty comfortable though, not gonna lie.

It’s also cold outside

About to investigate if vegan takeaway is a thing

@stupidsexyflanders Pretty baby :kissing_heart:


Aye that is true. Also I’m not sure I can take more drinking and the Library always destroys me.

Same here. I blame their extensive beer selection.

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Gonna go for a few drinks in my wee local place, then come up the road and cook up some of the lovely stuff we got at the farmers market earlier. And drink more wine, maybe watch a film. Smoke some weed, all good

Just heard the news about Bamnan doing a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, just absolutely chuffed for him


Got friends over for dinner- there’s been a lamb shoulder slow-cooking all afternoon and the kitchen smells :100:

Also making a duck/pork terrine though I’m cutting it a bit fine to get it cooled and chilled.


Well there’s your problem :wink:


TV has banished me from the kitchen. Someone’s preparing a mixed grill! :astonished::grin::grin::grin::kissing_closed_eyes:

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Didn’t make cinnamon rolls, in the end. Just did some work because I’m a super cool person.

(PEOPLE WHO: use working on a weekend when they’re an office wanker as a badge of honour)

Mah banbeano is making roast chicken. I’ll eat that then probably not move from the couch.

Later this evening:


Never actually tried that, and I lived in Glasgow for 6 months or so.

@AllOfThemWitches My TV has spent the entire afternoon chain-watching Donut Showdown on YouTube apparently! Wish I’d have known, I’d have brought some home for us :doughnut:


Gonna watch Lincoln, then that Imagine on Brando.

Drinking Earl Grey.

Boring eh.

Enjoy your new obstacle course house made of busted MDF