Saturday night dance I like the way you move thread

Currently wafting my terrine (not a euphemism)

Gonna eat some dinner tonight and maybe go get absolutely wrecked and try and forget about everything.

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Out watching the rugby for a mate’s birthday. Will head home afterwards though as I don’t want to be on the sauce all night.

Have a few articles to finish but I’m procrastinating hard. Doubt I’ll do 'em tonight.

(clearly a euphemism)

Only watched the one and thought it was great. I’ve subscribed to someone who uploads them :joy: Could watch American food shows all day!

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In about 15 minutes I will be living the good life.


My Da works in a factory that makes MDF! Don’t disparage Medium Density Fibreboard!

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It lurks in surprising places Mr Luxury Finish (drinking tramps’ wine)

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User I subscribed to is called ‘Book a Service Ltd’. There’s looooooads.

Really don’t want to try any of them though. Just gimme an iced donut with sprinkles :joy::joy::joy: Chocolate icing if I’m feeling frisky.

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aubergine eggs


Influenced by all the curry chat yesterday, in now waiting for mine to arrive.

My plan for the night is to fall asleep in front of MOTD


been out on my bike all day so have definitely earned some #pizza

pal’s band is playing later, might go but eurgh pretty knackered. probs just stay in. might even get some :wine_glass: on the go


i never knew you had stayed in glasgow

2005-ish. Was in Mt Florida. 7/10 would Scotland again!

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Gotta keep up that image that you only commission exquisite pieces in the finest tropical woods.

Anyway I am busy living my own luxury life thank you, as one can observe here


egg(plant) fried rice

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Used to get the # 31 bus through Mt Florida everyday on my way to uni

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That is a lot of spring rolls! Where do you get them from?

Asian cash and carry. They’re the same ones you get in restaurants, and cost £2.50 for 60