Saturday Night Thread

Really don’t want it to be Sunday tomorrow.


Head is still killing.
Curry ordered.
Might watch Luther then NFL

not getting takeaway now and only got one can left in the fridge with is some kind of christmas kriek which i don’t think is going to be very nice.

gonna be a bit of a bleak evening anyway so might watch elephant.

I’ve got the sniffles. Annoying cause I’ve got to use my brain and type an essay but not sure it’ll handle it. The convention seems to be to make soup so I’ve done that. It’s just a load of water really isn’t it.

soup is the best

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Watched that ‘Love’ on iPlayer, not good watching if youre feeling a bit down.

Suzuki wins!

Going to be hard to not have one last g and t later.

Feeling Sunday grumps already…

you boozing tonight?

  • nah
  • *hic*

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aw i love elephants


Got some ATDs round to drink the booze leftover from Christmas. Champion.

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“i can think of at least one thing wrong with that title”

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that would just be “not good watching”

feels like sunday today

Just like, how photos on the internet get used to wind people up about stuff and how their meanings get shifted with that “America in 2018” text over a picture of people protesting in somewhere that’s not America. That sort of stuff. It’s not one I’m really interested in but it’s only a small essay and my lecturer has written about it. I should have done something less obvious and more interesting to me and not got ill.

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who puts their dinner on the slow cooker at 5pm?

fuck sake i’m an idiot a hungry idiot


No its a film based on an NT play. About a family in shared council accomodation over Christmas.

idk got bought it for xmas. haven’t really got the heart to tell people i’m not a real beer nerd

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My bro gave me a little bottle of homemade raspberry vodka for Xmas, so may have a bit of that with some tonic.


i thought you told him to stay out of south london, just this morning?