Saturday night thread

hope you aren’t too spooked by the fireworks. especially hope your pets aren’t too spooked by the fireworks xxx

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fuck off



New DiS seems really good at ruining your self esteem

Not, like, YOUR self esteem. Just generally speaking.

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Off to bed.

Night night.

hey GB (was tryin to work some heeby jeebies pun joke thing) just got home, saw the wave pictures who were great as always. Eating potato waffles, drinking tea and watching match of the day

Going to see them on Thursday. It’ll be about the 185638th time I’ve seen them but I’m still v excited. Did they play lots of new stuff?

yeah loads, everytime I see them I’m somehow surprised by how incredible a guitarist David is. Great bunch of band lads

Drinking wine and watching house of cards

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someone who knows about Knxwledge recommend me one of the best of his billion or so Bandcamp releases to start off with if u want

also, been working on a presentation I have to give in just over a week (didn’t think it was that soon tbh). Might be doing my dissertation documentary about Broadcast and other associated bands. :slight_smile:

did you put them in the toaster? still not okay with people putting frozen waffles in the toaster. 2016 etc.

I’ll cook them properly if I’m having them with my dinner or whatever, but for a late night snack i’m an unapologetic waffle toaster.


Had to turn off X factor as my mate came round to play FIFA. How was the rest of it?

no idea (think i have the first 3 or 4 mixtapes)

gl with the doc :thumbsup:

i haven’t watched it yet. my dad’s watching GLORY downstairs even though he’s definitely seen it before (WHO EVEN WATCHES FILMS ON TELLY ANYMORE) and i cba to have to sit through ads on itvplayer or whatever it’s called now. refuse to watch it in any format other than catchup tv now because i fast forward 80% of it.

last two weeks have been atrocious. hopefully 5am won’t go this week even though the public are clearly big massive racists.

Yeah I refuse to watch anything other than iplayer Match of the day, cba with ads.

They all seem proper proper shit this year? Haven’t watched loads but gifty seemed alright but she’s gone? Is Louis Tomlinson 2 the favourite? He seemed to be being talked up a lot by the judges.

Gifty’s gone? she was the only impressive person from the few audition episodes I saw

the door bell/intercom thing outside is malfunctioning causing screeching feedback type noise that I can’t sleep through, I can temporarily stop it by picking up the receiver in my flat but this will presumably deprive the 7 other flats of door bell functionality until I put the receiver back down in the morning, should I do it?

  • Yes, sleep is important
  • No, being able to answer the door in the middle of the night is important

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louis tomlinson 2 has it in the bag, tbh. 5am boys (who i want to win) to make up the top 3 with either sam or one of boring scottish boy and boring scottish girl (they’re likeable, might just be cause they’re scottish?).

four of diamonds surely don’t have much long left cause we know nothing about them at all? saara’s days are obvs numbered cause she’s not british (see she borrowed a ‘geisha’ costume from katy perry tonight).

just seen a clip on twitter and HONEY G SAID N***A!!!