Saturday Night


Bit excessive to have another Saturday thread but hey ho.

So what’s going on? The bf is out at a stag do with all my friends and I’m insanely jealous. I attempted to craft a beard out of leaves and twigs but it was fooling no one.

In other news…


God help me.


Oooooooh. Want.

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yeah they look great! Sadly I’ve already eaten dominos, undoing all my good work today, what a moron!

Those look ace.

Sat in 6 degrees north trying to lose my head ache.

Gonna head home and order pizza soon.

wife’s out with her gals. i’m gonna watch one of my favourite movies for the umpteenth time.


Finished work about and hour and a half ago. Currently cooking vegetable soup from scratch for me and my sister who has just abandoned Chile after two years and is currently on her way here from the airport. I figured coming straight from Chile to Norway you need something warm and healthy!

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Thanks guys, I was really happy with how they turned out!! Eeeeeee!! Far too excited over biscuits. Omnom. Also, I got a bit over excited with the icing…

Found some randomly on the kitchen cupboard :wink: sneakysneaky.


Hot damn Witches - they look amazing! Did they taste as good as they looked?

HERE: Beers have been bought. Hannibal marathon is commencing. The lights are OFF!

YES! I thought they were going to be really sickly but I totally guzzled it like a pro with a cup of tea :raised_hands:

Ooo… what season are ya watching? Enjoy! I’m watching Captain Fantastic.

good eve

i’m watching after earth starring the will smith family bc apparently i hate myself


I’m watching Bone Tomahawk with some alcohol free beer.


Was this a tried and tested recipe? Or something completely new?

Season one episode two… My friend hasn’t seen any of it before so we are rectifying this :smirk:

Mate, watch a proper film.

Never done it before, It’s this -

Haha, well that’s good, I’ve only seen the first series actually but I really enjoyed it! Don’t get too hungry now watching all that tasty food :wink:

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Like Bone Tomahawk (never seen it)

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Oh and Captain Fantastic is great - you’ll love it!

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Rectify this asap!

well they’re both available on Netflix. @japes made the wrong choice no doubt. He’s aware but he’s sticking to his decision… that’s just the kind of guy he is.

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considered it but i’m in a really masochistic mood

I thought they were! How tricky were they to make?

Yeah Netflix needs to hurry up with adding season two and three, the starving masses are getting impatient!

There hasn’t been anything to get too hungry about thus far this episode, just a bunch of mushrooms…