🌧 Saturday night 🌧


Hello everyone how’s it going? I’ve been lying down on the sofa watching stuff for nearly 3 hours now :dizzy_face: need go for a walk or something for sure. My cat (who sat on me all 3 hours) has been adorably clingy and also tried to massage my face:


Potato and cat

It didn’t hurt :sweat_smile:


having leftover kale and seed enchiladas and a pomegranate and quinoa salad I just made and writing my thesis and making flower boards on Pinterest. I’ve decided I’m gonna ask my sister if I can do the flower arrangements for her wedding (she’s not even engaged but just in case).




Sitting in. Should do essay, but yolo.


just successfully warded off alien cow snatchers so my Saturday night has been pretty successful so far


Spent the day watching Jimmy Schmidt season three


Kimmy’s brother has a TV show?


My cat scratched me on the face the other day because I wasn’t paying her enough attention :smile_cat:


Staying in and watching Silicon Valley

Got a beer and waiting for my housemate to bring Turkish food home!


Napped all afternoon. Wife’s friend is coming over in a bit. Lasagna for tea. Couple beers etc.




Had plans but I’ve had to bail because I’m a bit unwell and not in the mood. Going to get a pizza on the way home and watch Bob’s burgers in bed. It could be much worse :slight_smile:


I’ve been ‘a bit unwell’ for nearly a month now and I’m fucking sick of it.


what Turkish food are you getting? want some mmmmmm


I get this mixed veg kebab that comes in tomato sauce with bulgar wheat :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
It’s got aubergine, mushrooms and peppers. And nice salad with loads of cabbage and beetroot and pomegranate dressing!
I’m so hungry where the hell is she!



Supposed to getting ready to go out. Someone has other ideas.


Beautiful snow kitty :heart_eyes:


Just reminds me how much I want a cat in my life :fearful:


Bloody nuisance if you’re wearing black jeans, mind. White hairs everywhere.

(He’s an absolute babe though, so (mostly) forgiven)