Saturday night


what you up to? i’m WFH but i’m allowing myself to pop out for a burrito.




I feel like it’s way too early in the thread to post something depressing so I’ll just say that I just got some pretty bad news and leave it at that.


Evening. Watching Blues v Leinster on the telly. Match of the Day later. Standard.


Evenin’. Just fallen in love with Róisín Murphy after watching this.

Heading to gig with my housemate at eight. I feel awful though, unsure as to why as I wasn’t drunk last night. Don’t know what’s up.


Going out for beers in a mo.


Hey bamnan. Sounds like a bad day, be kind to yourself. Don’t worry about being depressing, nobody minds.

I’m watching Aussie mc and thinking about all the work I should have done today, instead met up with another mum to do drinking tea and mum chat, mucked around on the Internet and wandered around town…tomorrow I will get to it…



might as well say it as it’s on my mind. Just found out one of my best friends’ cancer is back and is inoperable. Never had to deal with losing a close friend so this will be tough to come to terms with.


ed balls is such a tit


No way I’m getting out of bed, I’m still really wasted tbh
Can’t fucking believe how exhausting and terrible life constantly is, it’s like a fucking joke


Dee dee na na na


A dildo in Thatchers dead arse


Was meant to go to Wild Beasts and Money tonight but I’m ill, have an early train tomorrow, the new Wild Beasts album’s pish and the Ryder Cup’s on so I’m going to sit watching it in my pants instead \m/


ended up getting a really bad headache and not being able to leave the house until a couple of hours ago. just ate some veggie burgers and salad and drank a bottle of coke and feel slightly better. think it’s anxiety about starting my course and having to go to a formal dinner on monday. feel completely unprepared.


Couldn’t decide on what to cook for tea. Got in the car to go out for food and decided we couldn’t be bothered with town/ decisions so we’re waiting for Asda ready meals to cook.

Sorry to hear your bad news @Bamnan


that’s horrible. we’re here for you if it helps at all.


Really sorry to hear that, Bam, that’s awful.





thanks everyone!

I am a magnet for sorrow it seems.


That sucks bam. :frowning2: