Saturday night




Hi, Olafur Olafsson is following me on instagram. He’s my weirdest and most intense crush at the moment, just watching Trapped interspersed with clips of him on Youtube talking English. HE’S FOLLOWING ME. That’s as good as a proposal.

Took baby to a psychogeography lecture earlier then on a walk around some alleyways, then spent about 4 extra hours walking around favourite bits of Salford and Manchester before coming home and drinking tea in the garden (she seems to hate being indoors).

Got three tours back to back tomorrow, starting early too, for a Swedish school of 120 people. I need to read a book by Wednesday evening but I’m not even going to start until tomorrow night. Possible? (Possible with a baby that means I can’t do anything in the daytimes ever?)


Pub footy pub pizza


What bit in those proceedings are you upto?


Pizza is in the oven… (chilli cheese).
Thinking about a bottle of wine and something to watch on tv. You can’t ever just have a glass of wine can you…


I can! Then I never fancy another glass for weeks so I throw almost full bottles out. I’ll drop off my bottles with you in future.

I was hoping you were between pub and pizza tbh so you could be a chocolate delivery man but I will just plump for hot chocolate and continue to pray for a day when we have a vending machine on site.


Feel really sad

Can always judge my mental state by how I feel when I’m walking somewhere. Sometimes I feel like the world is a bleak, frightening and oppressive thing that’s out to get me and tonight’s one of those nights cos that’s how I felt when I was walking about tonight.



I have no chocolate with me :frowning:
Glass of wine/slice if pizza if you want one


Im so tired. Had a horrible night last nigbt

Bammers sorry to hear your news. Best thing to do is be positive to your friend and yourself!


Could be worse, could be at friendship inn


Is it chocolate wine or chocolate pizza? I’m guessing no.


Think I’ve only left the house today to drive 'er indoors to a doctor’s appointment. Might try and go one better tomorrow.


She’s watching New Girl. Must be the most annoying sitcom on TV. Just a bunch of really unlikeable characters screeching at each other.


nowhere near. Like, it’s really, really shit but not in the same league as yer two broke girls and big bang theories.


drinking for the first time in months

alcohol is such a shit drug


all the best everyone <3

i’m watching the boxing


thanks mate


Just tried some vegan cheese for the first and last time. Horrible stuff.


Have you had the chocolate wine that Aldi or Lidl sell at Xmas? It’s pretty sickly.


No! Sounds gross. Going to get some chocolate milk first thing tomorrow though.