Saturday, no school today, what you gonna do??

Exactly that.

I’m ferrying the kids about and then roasting a celeriac.

Going to get up and yoga in 2 minutes :woman_in_lotus_position:


Morning all :wave:


  • pop to town to get a few bits (including the same cost jumper as I bought earlier in the week but in a different colour)
  • have some lunch
  • probably play some kind of board game
  • make this Spanish canelon recipe for dinner, which I’ve made before and everyone seems to like
  • that’s about it

Currently still in bed


Morning slicks, ccb et al!

We’re taking The Child to her first drama class as if she needs to learn drama and then nothing until later.

We were meant to be going to see Book of Mormon tonight but that got rearranged so we kept the babysitter booking and we’re going out for food.


The Big Lebowski Reaction GIF


Morning all

Not really sure what to do today tbh. Hoping some poster frames I ordered turn up today because we’ve got lots of nice things sitting around in poster tubes that I’d like to get out.

Other than that I’ll wait for a gap in the rain to take a nice long walk. Probably need to do some work at some point but not going to think about that right now.

Ooo we had celeriac mash this week, it was darn tasty.

Taking the kids to town to pay their Christmas pennies into the bank, loads of housework, and hopefully walk the dogs with some friends this afternoon. Then try and stay awake past 9pm so I’m not wide awake in the middle of the night again.


what you gonna do

Have you seen the weather? I’m going to do the sum total of fuck all today*

*other than pop to the co op to buy milk and pizzas for dinner. But aside from that…


Just woken up. Unheard of. No real plans. Eldest was meant to have a play date with someone, but no Idea if that’s happening now. Lazy day I feel

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We’re playing against top of the league

That goal difference is slightly worrying.

Then got work to do so will have the FA cup in the background. Might go Titane later

That game you lost 75-21 earlier in the season will absolutely come back to haunt you.


Gonna unplug everything in my studio, construct a whole load of new racks, stands & shelves & put everything back with a new, ergonomic brilliance and integrate a couple of new bits of gear

Need to get rid of an upright piano though. Would like to just leave it on the street for passers by to create street music on but I don’t think that would go down too well

Annoyingly we had to take walkovers against both of the bottom 2 before Christmas. Bentley beat them a combined 29-3

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What a horrible day!

Already fixed the pressure release diaphragm on the shower at about 6.30, much to the annoyance of everybody else, although the benefits surely outweigh the inconvenience of being woken up, you’d think? Ungrateful pigs.

I had toast at about 7, and now I’m hungry again. Very bad breakfast planning. Is it an acceptable time to eat biscotti?

I’m going to take DW for lunch and then I have a load of boring music stuff to do. But boring music stuff is caused by exciting music stuff, so all in all a really strong start to the year!

Good morning!

Going to try to write first DiS newsletter of the year and then experience the wonder of the FA Cup


Broke his leg


Out for breakfast.

Don’t like going out for breakfast. :roll_eyes:

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Do you like going out for non-breakfast meals?

House viewings X 2
Washing machine delivery and installation X 1
Dog walk X 2 (possibly 3)
Jambalaya X 1
Yoga X 1 (possibly 2)

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day