Saturday of all days

Morning all!

Standard Saturday greetings.

I had croissants for breakfast and I’m about to play princesses. We should be at gymnastics later but The Child is a bit under the weather and had a nightmare about gymnastics at about 4.30 this morning.

What are your breakfast/activity plans?



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Morning. I’m wide awake!


All right, Conor Oberst


Hey Keith, cutthelights and CCB

Still in bed listening to the radio as I like to do on a Saturday.
Life admin day plus sorting stuff (making room) for new sofa coming tomorrow…

Might have eggs for brekko. Waiting for mrS to go make me some tea.


Today is looking like this:

  • Foodbank away-day morning
  • get home, make jam
  • go around getting the house spruced up for when the estate agent takes photos
  • make, and eat, pizza


It’s my village’s annual picnic on the green. First in two years blah, blah, blah.

This means a shit ABBA tribute act, an ice cream van, beers, and (randomly) a scarecrow competition.


Currently seeing how much longer I can lie in bed drinking coffee for.
Later am going to look at planes flying around the sky because that is a fun and enjoyable thing normal people do apparently. Fucking PLANES!

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Ooooh exciting times for the CCB house!!

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I’m going to Eynesford in Kent it’s only about 20 minutes away.

Couple of castles to visit.
Roman Villa ruins
Eagle Sanctuary
Couple of nice pubs
Plenty of walking


I’ll post the Rightmove link here in case (property chat) someone wants a comprehensively refurbished late Georgian three storey three bed townhouse for £220K



Slept terribly but hopefully a shower will wake me up. My plans for today include having a Covid test so I can travel on Monday, returning a router to Orange, taking a load of things to the charity shop, grocery shopping, and lots of laundry.

I was a parent helper when one of my daughters went on a school visit to Lullingstone Roman Villa a couple of years ago. I was definitely far more interested than the kids. It’s a great day out. Enjoy!

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Morning. Got a grizzly babby (teeth related). Making the family porridge, listening to the eighties matchbox b-line disaster and having a cuppa. Today I don’t have any plans. Try to relax after a shitty week. Might do a beer run. Going to take the kids to a fair down the road for facepainting and coconut shy action.

Saw a video of a katsu curry recipe from MOB Kitchen’s new book on insta. Looks nice, so fancy making a katsu curry now.


I have never managed to make a good katsu despite making lots of curries that taste similar without really trying.

I bought a wagamama cookbook a very long time ago (good stock recipe for ramen in there), so I’m sure I have a recipe for katsu, but I’ve never made one, so I’m sure I’ll fuck it up somehow

morning all.

got some nice :coffee: on the go. then heading out for a round of :flying_disc: golf. random doubles today which is always fun.


The fact you can recommend a stock recipe suggests you’re working at a much higher level than I am!


Morning kids!

Off to Hove soon to pick up a few bits from the shops, then I’ve got to take Jimbo for a haircut at 11.30, and this afternoon we’re off to a barbecue this afternoon. Weather looks nice for it. Maybe pub later, but I’m not sensing a great deal of commitment from the people I’ve asked so that’s not a definite yet

Morning, no plans. Probably watch cricket and eat a doughnut.