Saturday of Pairs/ All Purpose Miscellany

Morning all!

Standard Saturday morning here - I’m awake with The Child watching YouTube. I’ve made a nice pot of coffee because I know I’m not going to get a chance to do that later. The weather looks nice. My legs are a bit sore from football last night but I’m glad I played.

We’re doing drama first, then a trip through to Edinburgh to see the new twins (Wor Lass’s nieces) that arrived last week.

Are you planning to drink any coffee? Are you going to experience any pairs of things?

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First game of the season (away at maltby)

Then making a vegan lasagne and watching Fulham lose on the telly

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I’ve had one (one) coffee

I do plan to have a coffee after bootcamp in the park, which I’m about to go to. No police siren wake up this morning though.

Got my brothers wedding tomorrow so need to do all the stretching after so I don’t hobble round like an injured bird.


I will not drink coffee

I will likely have double eggs for breakfast if that counts

No real plans beyond a bike ride.

Seems like a good Saturday really.


Just been woken up by next door hammering something into the wall, so that’s nice.

I don’t drink coffee in the house, but I’ll be having a pot of tea with my breakfast once I’ve showered and popped out to get the paper.

No plans, but the weather looks ok, so might go for a trip out somewhere.

Moving day. Been awake since 4.45am.

2-2 draw.
Mitro with two goals and yellow cards.

No coffee unless we go out. Probably no pairs of anything unless socks count.

Having my normal breakfast of granola, yog, fruit and honey and a cuppa. Hopefully nothing too major today before having a cooked breakfast for lunch and then a 3-11 shift


(On today’s delivery)


Would you like a movin’ playlist??

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I do not drink tea or coffee because I’m a massive baby or something.

Up supervising the chaos of two weans.

Youngest is trying to play the ps5.


Morning all :wave:

Lovely morning here. Not sure about pairs but there were a whole mob of sparrows on the feeders and the lawn this morning.

I’ve got my dad and his wife visiting today (and staying overnight). It’s the first time I’ve seen them since before COVID but I had a bit of a difficult relationship with him (particularly of late). Hopefully it’ll just be nice to see him, and the presence of Mrs CCB and the cheeksters will help dilute it. He’s got a new dog too so that’ll be nice for the girls.


No coffee here yet, but am on my 2nd tea of the day, and just finished a pair of poached eggs (on toasted buttered muffins with black pepper and some Frank’s hot sauce).

Did a 7am presentation to Sri Lanka this morning, now done and no work in the diary until Thursday. Hurrah!

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Of course!

Turns out there were two false widows living under our bed.

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Gonna get up for coffee and croissant and music and choosing a new book

Looks nice out so might try to get some facetime with the ole raging ball of sky fire

Lazy day as tomorrow will be packed with good festival times

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Which prize plum forgot to turn off their 7.15am alarm and got woken up this morning after a mere 4 hours sleep? :upside_down_face:

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Me: no need to bolt the front door, I’m just popping to the happy shopper

Also me on returning: wastes time attempting to unbolt the front door

Got a can of coke and some bacon. Drinking the coke for energy to make a sandwich

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