Saturday, oh Saturday


I’m sat at Birmingham airport with a flat white. Checked in using self-service, skipping a 2 hour queue because people are idiots who can’t use machines.

Welcome to Saturday! What have you got planned?


Just arrived at work. here untill 3 probably then sleeping for the rest of the day



Tired. Life has gone wrong when you’re waking up at 4am on a Saturday stressing about work. Might spend part of the day working out if I can afford to hand in my notice. Failing that, tea, a good book, maybe a film or a bit of Zelda and off to see a local orchestra tonight.

I just landed at Luton! :wave:

In at work on overtime. Did most of my work yesterday so a nice easy day, although there was one issue. Any of you live in Hatfield and know how to drive a forklift?

Been awake since about 6 partly because of magpies (again) and partly because of folk like @Mistersteve (loads of flights from Birmingham climb out over our flat at weekends #nimby)

Sorry @urbanfox, very selfish of me. We’ve not taken off yet, so it wasn’t me personally, however if you look up in about 15 minutes I’ll be flipping you some Vs.


Also working, got a pretty much full day of it today but at least it seems to be brightening up a bit outside compared to the last few days. @NotEvenDreams It’s always good to take a moment or two to see if you can jump out of a crap situation, other than your horrible work stress it sounds like you’ve got a pretty great Saturday shaping up!

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If you turn left after take off, I’m coming for you…

London for a friend’s birthday. Going to Bermondsey White Cube(?) gallery and eating some noodles in the evening.

Gonna go do some self-directed kickboxing/flailing at a punchbag first though :men_wrestling:

You’re right on both counts :slightly_smiling_face: Should make the most of having the day off and have also found a job I can apply for since my first post, so an early start’s been no bad thing.

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I’m up early on a Saturday as I have to go and pick my nephew up to see Green Day later. I’m looking forward to spending time with him but I wish he didn’t wang to get there so early

I’m so tired.

Just did an 11 hour sleep. Still a bit tired.

Dunno what I’m doing today.

Hangover/10. Gotta get my life together and get out of here before estate agents show up in a bit but i’m moving very slowly. Going studio for a bit then… dunno. Might have a burrito.

Holly Herndon last night was great.

Gonna look after a dog today and take it for a walk to some pubs.



Have the kids this morning, looking forward to seeing my daughter for the first time since Monday. We are going shopping for camping supplies and a few birthday bits. And a shirt for my son as he is going to a christening tomorrow.

This afternoon, might head down to the football club to help remove seats from the main stand (being replaced by others from Lord’s) and watch then first team train. This evening, nothing planned but feeling pretty tired so won’t be doing too much of any strain.

Bet he’s gonna love it.

Morning all!

Playing football in an hour. The people I play with organise through Facebook and it’s quite tiring reading through waves of people signing up and then dropping out for three days before the game.

Typical adolescent!