Saturday, oh Saturday

Pics pls

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New gf?

Where you off to. Have a good flight etc.

Oh ffs I really should read what I type.

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@Mistersteve - we’ll all be very sad if you come back from Cognac without pictures of you drinking posh* brandy.

*Carrefour own brand

I got back from work at gone midnight last night. Urgh.

On the plus side, I am picking up my new glasses today, so I will be looking swish for when we sit in the dark and watch Baby Driver at the cinema.

y’all up too early


Had a couple of gins at home last night and have woken up surprisingly hungover. Must be age.

Off to test drive a car in a bit. Not really interested in cars at all but do like a bloody good haggle.


I’m sat in bed with a cup of tea, gearing myself up for going through to Glasgow for this hen do in a wee while. Guys… I don’t know what to wear, has anyone ever done an escape room? Does it involve exerting yourself in anyway? Could I get away with it in a short dress? HELP ME DRESS MYSELF. I’m going to hand out paper dolls of myself with different options of outfits, dress me then post them back. Thank you!

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Done loads but never in a short dress


Only had about 6 beers last night at my mates, but feel knackered/slept terribly. Also got a bad bum :frowning:

On work cover, listening to Trail of Dead and trying to decide whether to get tickets to those album shows with My VitriLOL.


All I can hear is your My Vitriol song. EDIT: Oh and yeah… 6 beers would kill me.

@Twinkletoes … Can you tell me anything about it? What did you have to do? Did it involve running around? Like, I’m presuming it’s nothing like the Crystal Maze? Haha.


May be a minimal amount of running around but mainly solving puzzles, doing logic, finding stuff.

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Flown to Bordeaux to then drive up to Cognac. My friend Elodie’s wedding. I am waiting for my bag, then driving in Europe :thinking:

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I’ve done escape rooms. A few of them involved some physical stuff (plugging cables in, moving boxes around etc). All of them have ended with me drenched in sweat. This is party because they’ve been in sealed rooms, and partly because I’ve got a bit stressed at the end.

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Then you haven’t really done any at all.

@Witches it’s mostly puzzles I think so should be fine.


Either this is going to be all the fun or I’m going to hate this, I’m not a huge fan of working in groups.

First Saturday in probably years I’ve woken up not hungover. Might celebrate with a breakfast beer. Gonna make some bread today. Go with Christ.


Haha, SAME. I didn’t drink any of my delicious beers last night, I’m so tempted by them now.

I should be fine and proper Gareth-style about it, but feel urgh. Might be the no sleep I reckon. Kip later.