Saturday. On the road.

Passenger seat. Mild hangover. Martha were good last night. M42. Breakfast at Gloucester in an hour or so. Coffee in a bodum travel cafetiere


What’s on the stereo?




(Didnt mention for fear of being sued but one of the artists on Banksy’s team of helpers is a domestic abuser and punched his gf in the face in public in 2018)

Meant to be ar the moonraker festival in Slaithwaite today but i might just have the biggest tidy up day of all time.


Oh tangent but I’ve been doing some work with a charity (don’t like to talk about it, very important to me etc.) called the bread and butter thing and one of the things their focusing on atm is social isolation and the eradication of public space in Greater Manchester. Feel like it’s probably something you’ll know about so might pick your brains if possible

Morning. I ache from my neck to my knees. Really would be useless at any job that involves regular physical labour.

Going to have a relaxing day, gonna make some pasta later. Daylight update to follow when I’m out of bed and can get onto my laptop


Been at work since 5. Finish at 1230. Quick change of clothes, nip across town to get the train to the football.

Wife has gone to her sister’s for a few days, so it’s a boys weekend with just me and the dog.

Got plans for a curry and a couple of beers later but I’ll probably be nodding off before full time at the match.

Flat white and a pain au raisin for breakfast.

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Omg yes!


I’m on my holibobs but I’ll send a proper DM in a week or so :+1:

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Happy to add them to my next charity of the month btw (a free tour for the volunteers/staff/service users or for them to raffle off for fundraising)


Day 7 of double fever on the house (still me and kiddo). Averaging about 3hrs sleep a night. Send help.

Yesterday as we ran out of baby paracetamol we discovered there is a Europe-wide shortage and it’s pretty much sold out in the whole of Sweden and has been for 2 months. Probably Brexit’s fault somehow.


I was meant to be DJing at a friend’s 50th tonight. I guess that’s not happening now. Or literally anything for the next few days.

Up, breakfasted, and about to shower. Works Christmas do later. Listening to YLT. Decent morning

Oh man :disappointed:


Anyone got any lunch reccos in and around Pembroke?

Been awake since 6.20. Already craving a nap, shower and shave.

I honestly thought it was just a cold - no cough, headache, snotty nose. Gutted

I’ve just had a week of that exact symptoms. Maybe I should have tested.

Morning all!

Wor Lass got in just before midnight. I had just finished clearing some rogue spirits out of the underworld for Hades (not a euphemism) so that was good timing. The Child woke up at about 12.30 due to nightmare/ hungry. Lovely stuff.

We’re doing drama this morning and then I’m meeting DiSers for drinks and activities this afternoon. There might be selfies.


Morning troops. Nothing much going on here, could really do with a day doing nothing. Like hell that’ll happen, ha.

Here’s a photo of Frank. Hope it brightens your day!