Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Morning's* alright

Bit cold though, isn’t it?

Football in an hour and then we’re going to the food market at Platform in Glasgow.

*and daytime and evening later

Alright Mr Keith

Off to London for solo beerz then meeting the BW crew and associated dissers for a meat later. Just gotta try not to have too many solo beerz

Oh shit Platform, that sounds like a great idea.

Got a full da and night date with MrsSheeldz today. Kids are over to m parents in a short while overnight, so that sounds like a great idea. The food good @keith?

What percentage of your yearly beers would you say were: a) solo because you’re the only one in your party or b) solo because your party aren’t drinking beers?

I don’t often drink a) solo beers but the vast majority of my yearly beers are b) solo beers. And that’s not because I’m popular and more because if I’m going out on my own I tend to just drive places.

I’d say (including home beers) upwards of 85%. Been to the pub once with people since baby arrived, so yeah, a high, high percentage

So a) maybe under 10% now

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We’ve never been but it looks good.

We took The Child to Big Feed over the summer and it was a bit busy for the buggy but Platform looks a bit roomier.

Course was supposed to be starting today but it’s been pushed back so gives me a day to sort post-mugging stuff out and go to the docs. Also, watch the Ryder Cup

At a famous Belgian theme park

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Heading out to play golf. It’s COLD!!!

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Had to get out of bed because I’d been farting so much that the room smelled like a cross between a stables and a packet of spicy Nik-Naks.


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Woke up at half-six to make GF coffee before work. I’m beat so I’m just hanging out and watching ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin’.

Anyone know how to unblock an ear? Having trouble hearing out of it for a few days.

HB @ghostpony!

morning, on the habitat website wondering whether to spend £45 on an awesome cushion.

got to go buy some socks for R as I bought the ones that are ‘only for sports day’ apparently. what kind of school has exclusive socks for one day a year?? ridic.

then it’s big match later, got my Chelsea supporting father in law coming round so the might Reds better batter them after wednesday

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Olive oil? Few drops in and then cover with tissue paper.

Queuing for the werewolf

What’s different about the sports day socks?

house colour.


Olive oil drops for a few days then ear syringe with warm water

The school should have a word with themselves - that would exclude so many families who can barely afford one set of socks for one hour of sport a week.


Wean free today so quids in

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Can recommend the freddy and hicks veggie burger.