Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Morning's* alright

Alright lads, I’m on that tourist bridge… Full of tourists isn’t it.

Washing our bedsheets


4 year old’s birthday party with loads of family and kids…

Happy birthday @ghostpony :birthday::balloon::tada:

Bit of a quiet morning as initial plans for today got cancelled. Teeth are less excruciating and R’s fever disappeared over night so they a positives I guess. I think my mum is still pissed off at me, will have to see when she gets home :grimacing:


i’ve been, just for a bevvy though. not tried the food. looks nice.

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just jam a pen right in there



:tada: :birthday:

People that speak at an insanely loud, bellowy level…what’s with those guys? Like, unless your hearing is fucked, how are you not aware your voice is like an attention foghorn…maybe they can’t do anything about it? Maybe they love the attention. Think it is the moral obligation of their nearest and dearest to explain they need to stfu a bit

Sounds good apart from the 4 year olds.

You’d get on really, really well with my next door neighbour.

Just had some Jehovah’s witnesses round. Retro!

Just checked my Euromillions ticket from last night. I’ve won £2.60!!!



Today is my Thursday

just went outside. i don’t recommend it.


no fuck you


These are the first ones we’ve had since moving to the middle of nowhere. They apologised for interrupting my breakfast, and left after I politely declined their offer of salvation. 10/10 good Jehovah’s witnesses.

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Jesus this train is ssssslllllooooooowwwww

I knocked back a round today cos I wanna watch the Ryder cup

Happy birthday @ghostpony hope you have an absolutely splendid day! :+1::grinning:


I’m doing some coding on a Saturday, how wild my life is! Hangover’s kicking in, might have a beer and go for a nap instead.

Bf has gone to golf today and is booked in for a comp tomorrow
What an idiot

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