Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Morning huns,
My niece introduced me to egg-bombs last week so I’m about to make a ham, spinach and mozzarella egg-bomb.
After that: fuck knows.

Gonna go on a boat and see some motherfuckin’ SEALS


Listening to new Ariel Pink and getting ready to go to Berwick for the day/night. Going to Berwick v Clyde, having some beers, looking at that bridge

excited for the football I have really missed the gambling
good luck to all the gamblers out there

Egg bombs?

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i also abandoned a bike ride but only because i’m lazy will go tomorrow instead

going out for dinner with my bro and da later tonight.

Working on a Saturday at time and a half. Then for a pint somewhere before DJing a bar/diner (easy work - no one asks for requests, staff keep me topped up with Beavertown beers and at some point will rustle up a burger and fries for me too). Home by midnight and eager for a Sunday roast at one of my favourite pubs which I’ve not been to in a while (since I moved house a year ago).

I am quite hungover, gotta get up and get dressed coz the estate agent is showing people around soon. Ugh cba. Guess i’ll go out and get some brunch.

I would also like to know what an egg bomb is pls @AcceptanceIII

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yara greyjoy’s on saturday kitchen

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I just found out earlier that my 7 year old nephew doesn’t want to go to football later after all.

He’s football mad but for the last month or so he’s started to become really clingy to his mum and doesn’t want to leave her. We’re not sure why, he was always really outgoing.

Of course I’ve spent the first hour at work drinking coffee and looking at stuff on the internet… No one else is on this floor. Just me.

Eurgh,spent the last 2 hours looking through entire place for iPad. Going through bins outside etc. Ended up being on the table covered perfectly by a small baby gro by mother in law yesterday…grrrrrrrraaaaahhhhh. Didn’t know find an iPad offline cloud makeitmakeanoise was a thing until about 1hr59mins in.

Okay, they are this:

  1. get a special kind of sandwich bag (this needs clarification, possibly they’re microwavable? They’re a bit crinkly sounding y’know?)
  2. put chopped ham, spinach, peppers, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, whatever in
  3. put 1-3 beaten eggs in (seasoned)
  4. tie a knot in the top (the less air the better)
  5. put bag into a pan of boiling water for an amount of time (at least 7 mins as the middle can take a while)
  6. remove, cut open bag, plop egg bomb on plate, consume

dunno about this tbqh

willing to try though

hmmm nah


well I did a fairly half-hearted job but it’s done now, hedge trimmed, weeds pulled.

Go me!

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lawn buddies!

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I would eat this.