Saturday Saturday Saturday

Absolutely smashing it down outside.

Plans? Shoot!

Morning. Might go to the gym but very excited about going to Machine Head tonight :metal::grin::metal:

meant to be doing an audax but the weather fucked that didn’t it, so:

:coffee: :bread:
:bike: :chart_with_upwards_trend:
other stuff

Morning all

Nothing much to report here: eldest is awake and is tracing her way round the town on Google Maps; youngest is still asleep. We’re listening to Iron and Wine in bed.

Plans: bit of shopping, avoiding the crap weather, popping into another Foodbank fundraiser event (an afternoon tea), going to the football, going to our friends’ house for dinner later.



Good morning,

Had a better night’s sleep than I was expecting with R being poorly, and letting him sleep in now. Feeling a bit hot/achey/stiff myself, though hopefully just being a bit of a hypochondriac rather than actually being sick as well.

Going to be a lazy day - tv, pjs, calpol (all the good stuff)

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I’m off to Mallorca today.

Loved this


Had a much needed ‘lie-in’ until 730 this morning. Off to Northumberland later this morning for a low-key first holiday with the silly baby.


Make the most of it. Hope you have a good time boss. Just had a baby free night ourselves and it’s been lovely.

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These are great :smiley:

“Person who accidentally pulled the string out of their hoodie”

And the couple who have just had an argument at Disneyland (and loads more of them)


Cheers! Yeah saw you two looking very happy on the selfie thread :slight_smile:


Great night out.

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Currently beautiful weather, looks like it’ll be less so just in time for tour though.

Got M’s friend over for 4 hours after work. She’s a particularly boisterous friend so I’m going to have to hide all our breakable and small things, probably the mice too, before she arrives. Predicting chaos.



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Will probably keep an eye on the score.

No more fever for R, quite relieved.

Today may be slightly more active than thought.


Just walked down bragazzis to get coffee beans and bread.

Going to Colchester away at Mansfield (U’s) then over to Manchester for girl band if there’s time. Boozing in Sheffield if not

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Having just been on holiday with a baby, I can safely say it will ruin your holiday. Enjoy.

Though slept like a champ on the plane back.


Was hoping to sleep through but my bladder hasn’t said no to that