Saturday Saturday

Morning all!

A typical Saturday morning of watching kids TV followed by gymnastics. We’re taking The Child to stay with her grandparents so we can go out for food tonight.

How is your Saturday looking? Is it an normal Saturday or is anything unusual happening?

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Oh no!

Today I’ll be doing

Small run, trip to the bathroom place to get a quote, sainsbos to buy lunch and dinner ingredients and anything I need for the marathon tomorrow, lunch, meet our friends’ newborn, sheff utd women vs Liverpool at Bramall Lane, quick pub trip, cook and eat dinner, pack for tomorrow, watch Limbo, early night.


A trip to the pub on the night before a marathon is elite tier preparation.

The night before I did the GNR, I was just eating pasta until about eight o’clock and then bed.

I always have 2 pints the night before a big run. Seems to help me sleep through and the impact of the pints is pretty inconsequential compared to the impact of a full night’s sleep.

One of the people we’re going pub with is 7 months pregnant so it’s not going to be a wild one

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Got to escort the wee man to football. Then rushing to a kids party. Then zooming to a sold out Hampden to see us play Israel, again. Quick dash to pub after football hopefully.



Meeting a pal at 2pm then kicking round for a few hours until a gig he’s putting on happens.

Before that I’ll have a walk then hit the gym and pool

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Set an alarm so I’m up in time to watch the first game and everything

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Hiding from a chalet of screaming kids. Just had a shower and now listening to Peter Broderick in the room with a cuppa. Today involves swimming, so need to source some new swimmers for that. BBQ later, and more beer probably


Ah, Saturday Saturday. So good they named it twice.

I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary: walk in the morning, maybe a late-season picnic, football later, going to our friends’ house for dinner tonight. Still, it’s nice not being sat in front of a laptop isn’t it?


Hey up.

Remembering now why I stopped having wine. Bit urghy.

Think kids wanted to go out to Bath so maybe that, but hopefully just sitting about and napping. Cooking up some daal perhaps.

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Clean the bathroom
Then pub, curry, pub :partying_face:

Going to the seaside! I had an old train ticket to use so saved it for an Indian summer type day and today is that day :sob::purple_heart: I feel recharged every time I see the ocean, it makes me so happy


Ooh, can you get a quote for me too while you’re at the bathroom place. Thanks, will cross that one of my never-going-to-do-it task list.


What I have to do today

  • Booking car into garage (urgent)
  • Booking dogs into kennels (pressing)
  • Pruning the rose
  • Sanding and refinishing the table
  • Cutting laminate floorboards to size and fitting
  • Online grocery shop

What I will actually do today

  • Play Dragon Quest Builders 2
  • Nap

Morning all! Currently watching my daughter do adorable paintings of rabbits whilst listening to Big Thief and drinking coffee, and somehow I’m not hungover today despite drinking much too much beer last night, so the day’s off to a winning start.

Taking the kids to Gulliver’s today as a) it’s somehow sunny up here and b) they’re doing half price tickets if you bring a food bank donation which is a big winner all round.


Our bathroom is only 3x2m but we’re hoping we can get a (small) freestanding bath plus a cubicle shower in there.

Also it’s the only toilet in the house so is going to be a nightmare when it’s installed. Might have to get a gym membership just so I can have a shit

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Morning - groggy but nothing critical

Just had coffee and some fried up leftover mash and an egg

Gonna have another coffee then go for a bike - bit misty on the tops by the look of things but that will burn off

Then hopefully lunch with my daughter, pub tonight. Wanna go the bookshop at some point


Apple day today! Gonna head into town and look at some apples. Also, drink hot apple juice and eat some amazing home made toffee apples.

Try and watch some cycling this afternoon and work on job application.

Big family get together later - pils 40th wedding anniversary. First time seeing my niece and nephews in 10 months.


Morning all!

Got to go to an old colleague’s bday this evening in London so heading through late afternoon to go look at some museums first, then will make a short appearance at the gathering, and then a haunted London walk follows! Excited, it’s the most spookiest time of the year!

This morning I gotta do some bits of coursework as a deadline looms too close :disappointed_relieved:

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I just got my car booked in to a garage :scream: