Saturday, Schmaturday

I’ve been awake since 5am :flushed:

Morning all, how’s your weekend looking?

Morning! 5.30 wake up for me cause of the cat howling for treats. I’ll be working till 5.30 and then making a Saturday night roast I think, so nothing of note obviously.

A Saturday night roast is such a great idea! I can’t believe people don’t do it more often!

I’ve been trying to get my mates organised to go see Detective Pikachu this afternoon but they’ve all been right shit about it and I’m proper narked off. May well just go see it solo if I don’t hear from them by mid-afternoon.

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Used to love a solo cinema trip. I think we might go and see Ma next week, looks good fun and Detective Pikachu isn’t really my thing.

@rarity posted first so this gets my blessing.

Slept craply, but lots to do today: put some bunk beds together, trim the hedge, make samosas, make chicken berry Britannia.

You can be honest, it’s because I’m in here isn’t it.

This thread is the One True Thread, all other threads are blasphemy in the eyes of Sean

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Possibly :wink:

But I am intrigued by @tilty’ wine chat.

Yeah me too, but we’ll have to save it for the merge, we’ve nailed our colours to the mast on this one already I’m afraid.

You’ve taken on a mischievous streak of late

Well I’m not sexy so I have to make up for it somehow.

Also woke up at 5am :disappointed_relieved:

Watched all of series 3 of Mum already. Eurovision party tonight.


Will be watching with a Croat, a Turk and a Swede, and maybe an Italian, so I’m expecting some Big Bants

Have a great weekend you lovely bunch


Oh shit just realised Mum is written by the same dude as Him & Her. Gonna have to binge it.

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My 5 year old nephew is having a birthday party in a village hall. There will be a clown and lots of screaming. It will last around 2 hours.


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Yeah, it’s wonderful.

Upside of waking up early is that it’s 8am and I’m already showered, shaved, moisturised, breakfasted and exercised. The rest of my day is all leisure :partying_face:


I’m not the arbiter of such things but I wouldn’t rule out the potential that you’re not. Skulking around on here mischievously, there’s definitely potential there

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Tour this morning, then a kids party.

There’s a new piece everyone thinks is a Banksy (I don’t) so going to have to detour to show that to everyone and cba. Wish I had a clone today so I could just go to bed for a nap instead.

Was planning on watching the FA Cup Final later, but it turns out that the channel with the rights have decided to show baseball instead, so :man_shrugging: