Saturday, Schmaturday


What is this and how do I get some please?


I’ve had a look but can’t see anything :frowning: what colour was the packaging?


Just a brown padded envelope :grimacing:


My plan for the day is to buy a loaf of bread - pretty excited


Anyone know what’s up with my phone? Google Play Store seems to have deleted itself and now there’s loads of apps I can’t open anymore


sounds emotional

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Can still listen to podcasts and music so I’m not that arsed tbh


having coffee. about to have a bacon roll.

was looking for the bacon roll emoji there. don’t think there is one.


You want toast?

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It’s a cake decorated with magic related things. And you can have some by disguising yourself as me.

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update: just spilled half the coffee all over an automatic ATM machine


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Yes please x can my beans be cheesey beans please? :hugs::kissing_heart:



The baby didn’t wake up until 7.30! I feel like a new person


That’s very inappropriate, but of course you can.

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Detective Pikachu later \o/

Better not be dubbed!

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You are an exceptionally clever and kind person though, and I imagine your competence in lots of work related things is above most people who meet the job spec. Got a good feeling about this for you x


Gona go for a haircut soon then gona go to the pictures and get some food. Japanese maybe, who knows?


Birthday goals


If you don’t get it just remember there are a lot of things you can’t know from a job advert. The boss might be a bully, or the office might smell bad, or you might struggle to find a parking space every day, or they might give you a slow computer. There are loads of things that affect how much you enjoy a job other than your JD. The next one you apply for might sound less interesting but have great colleagues and a nice office.

Best of luck though!


Just been lying in bed hvig s*x eating spicy french toast and reading his dark materials.

Saturdays are good days.

Doing some political stuff later for the elections, writing a motion for a conference, bit of this bit of that, probably making my bf something really good for dinner and watching Buffy might start reading a new book etc. Etc you get the idea.