Saturday, Schmaturday

Was planning on watching the FA Cup Final later, but it turns out that the channel with the rights have decided to show baseball instead, so :man_shrugging:

I got to be two teenagers’ fairy godmother in the toilets at Wetherspoons which was mint. Unfortunately in my wine drunkenness I bought a Domino’s pizza and some cookies and binged most of it before falling asleep and I can basically still feel it in my throat, vom.

Meant to be going for lunch with my grandparents at 1 and then Eurovision party tonight :partying_face:

I don’t think I’ve been skulking? Does one skulk knowingly or is it an intrinsic trait of the already-mischievous?

Any post for you yet Pervington?

I enjoyed this this morning


I love this


I see it as more of an intrinsic trait.

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So I’m a born skulker?

I didn’t toast my crumpets enough this morning. My day is already ruined.

The more I prep for this interview the more certain I am that I really want the job. Not sure I’ve been so invested in a job application before, so worried it might set me off a bit if I don’t get it.

Guess I just need to prepare enough to do the best I can, and that way if I don’t get it, there was nothing more I could have done.

Feel a little concerned about having a late interview slot though (would guess it’s the last one) - is that a negative? No point worrying about things I can’t change though.

Yeah but will there be cake?

Feeling quite happy generally. So relieved that the two big mental health wobbles I’ve had this year haven’t lasted more than a day or two.


Nah, if you’re the best candidate, you’re the best candidate, also freshest in their minds. Also, you’re going to be the best candidate, obviously.


Oh dear. not only did I message my MP at 2am a template email about NI’s abortion laws with some colourful extra paragraphs at the end (“take some responsibility my dude”), I then messaged @Icarus-Smicarus advocating a united Ireland and referring to NI as ‘Northern Paddyland’ :see_no_evil:


I meet the person spec well, but I suspect a lot of people will. If there’s a good candidate with direct experience in the area they’re likely to get it. Need to be realistic on that point.

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You make a good point Tilly. There will be cake.

Power rangers cupcakes baked by his aunt and then a 3 tier magician cake baked by his dad.


Good morning, mates.
I’m still in bed. Got a friend arriving in a few hours.
Suddenly panicking about not having shoes and sunglasses and etc for Primavera and being close to running out of time to get them! Wish I had a personal shopper.
Ps. Hope you all have a great Saturday :kissing_closed_eyes:

What is this and how do I get some please?

I’ve had a look but can’t see anything :frowning: what colour was the packaging?

Just a brown padded envelope :grimacing: