Saturday Schmaturday

Morning, DiS! Who’s turn is it to do the morning thread? I hope I’m not treading on anyone’s toes here.

Woke up at 7, got up at 7:30, did all my household stuff and now free to enjoy a fun day with a road trip to Brighton. Hope to catch a glimpse of some DiS all stars out and about enjoying their day!

What does Saturday bring you?


Morning @Squandered & etc

I was supposed to have a recording session this morning but the singer has a sore throat so I’m sat on the sofa in my studio drinking a takeaway latte & wondering what to do instead

Any suggestions?

I could really do with a studio chair upgrade tbh


I woke up too early
Would rather be asleep as I only went to bed at 3 but there’s what sounds like chainsaws outside. :weary:

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Sorry to disappoint you - I’ve still got the plague so I’m not going anywhere today :frowning:

Today I’ll be not going to ParkRun, I won’t be going record shopping, I won’t be going to the pub, and I won’t be going to the Los Bitchos gig I have a ticket for

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Went to trim my hair this morning and the clipper guard fell off so I have a neat bald chunk on the side of my head for a few days :confounded: Surprised it hasn’t happened sooner tbh.

Off to see my parents this weekend


We’re going to tell my grandma that my girlfriend is pregnant - my parents have known since Christmas but we wanted to wait til things looked a bit clearer. Partly looking forward to it and partly anticipating a million well-meaning questions we don’t know the answers to yet.




My big news is that I might get a McDonald’s breakfast.


up early drinking coffee. considering getting breakfast at Tasty Cafe, the best greasy spoon in range

Dream chat

Had a dream I went to see Charli XCX in London or something. At the gig I was sat at a table eating a bowl of Chocolate Shreddies with milk, Charli came out for a bit before it started to chat to people and saw me eating the Shreddies and was like “hahaha, love that, love that” but I couldn’t respond because my mouth was full so just smiled and gave a thumbs up, then loads of milk got spilt all over some girl next to me.

Went to a football match after that and one of the managers on the touchline just had his bare arse fully out, barking orders as though it was completely normal.


I’ve got no interest in driving but I’d fucking love a holiday driving around the Italian countryside.




At work. Tweed suit, mustard yellow tie, white shirt. Look like I’m going to a young farmers event.

Alright? Got a lot of tidying up and laundry and stuff to do today before the football starts so obviously I’m still in bed. Think we’re having breakfast for dinner later so that’s something to look forward to.

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Got to cement some fence posts in, then pick up a big cardboard box. Maybe the most boring day in history? Might throw some beer and nice food in to pep it up!

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I’ll ask the question we all want to: how big is the big cardboard box?

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Bought these on Thursday. I regret it. They taste weird :worried:

Morning. Up and out. Had a coffee, got a massive cinnamon bun. Going to the pub later to be a rugby lout. Possibly going to a brewery before and may squeeze in a walk round some battle ramparts that have been turned into a nature reserve. Nice.

In a park atm though.



Woke up with a headache and face ache, think my sinuses are playing up. A coffee, a couple of paracetamol and some fresh air seems to have sorted me out though.

Need to pop to Sainsbo’s to get stuff for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Going to spend a significant chunk of this afternoon in the bath.

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It’s XL apparently, but only 60cm x 60cm x 60cm. So nothing to write home about!

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Thought these were schnitzels. Really fancy a schnitzel.

What were those things in the 90s that were like a schnitzel, maybe it was ham, and then there was a melty fake weird cheese layer on top? One of the very dubious “meat” products that I secretly loved. Feel lile @Funkhouser will know what I’m talking about.

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