Saturday smash

Morning morning!!

Of course I’ve woken up at mad early hour. Still means I get to lounge in bed drinking tea and listening to radio.

Then it’s Saturday Kitchen, football, nap and maybe make a cake.

What about you lovelies??


Morning Slickers! Going to work a bit and I am not happy about it.


Looking forward to the clocks going forward so its a bit darker in the morning and lighter in the eve, my eyes see light and then all of a sudden I can’t go back to sleep

Wanted to sleep in but the cat had other ideas.

Absolutely freezing out all day again, but there’s a nice morning sky going on


My only real task is to go to Savers and get shower gel and toilet cleaner. Otherwise the galaxy in my current Stellaris game is in absolute chaos due to some big boys throwing their weight around, and someone needs to restore a bit of order.


Morning @Slicky @anon19035908 @avocado @guntrip and everyone below this post :arrow_down:

It’s still very cold here. Gonna make pizza later and hoping for a quiet day otherwise. Maybe a frosty walk in the woods, who knows. It’s very light this morning. Daylight update to follow as I’ve forgotten to copy from my spreadsheet!

:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:17 17:12 09:54:25 +3:41
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:42 17:12 09:30:46 +4:25
King’s Lynn
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:18 17:07 09:48:17 +3:53
Salcombe, Devon
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:39 17:29 10:00:20 +3:31




Morning everyone.

Need to resilicone the bath :expressionless:

First, coffee and cricket.
Probably watch football later and some boxing.

Oh, will be eating lemon drizzle cake later too :drooling_face:


Morning folks. Been at work since 5:45, it looks calm here but it’s manic under the surface. Good thing is, and keep this to yourself, it really feels like we are getting on top of this now and the numbers, although still bad - are really coming down. In short, I feel we will all celebrate Summer (Husker Du pun only mildly intended).


Congratulations to Salcombe for smashing the 10 hour barrier :muscle: :clap:

This cold can absolutely do one. Morning all.


We are sticking shapes to paper and listening to music.


Morning all!

No plans today other than general parenting while Wor Lass works. The Child and I might go grocery shopping if she can be bothered.

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Hoping today might get better from a really shit start. Would rather give up and spend all day in bed.

Think R wants to play Paper Mario for the first time in ages so I guess we’ll do that. Hope he might be feeling brave and let us go do the boss castle finally.

Otherwise… :man_shrugging:t2:


Morning! Had a rough as night’s sleep, haven’t felt thus tired in ages. Got a busy working weekend coming up, so I’m going to try to do some fun stuff too. Erk

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Up with the two bairns. Wee one’s reflux medicine seems to be doing the trick - the last couple of days were a nightmare. Other bairn is watching his tablet so I’m watching the leftovers.

Trying some new varifocal contact lenses (how do they work, absolute sorcery) but they have made my eyes very dry and this is not a problem I’ve had before. Not sure if it is the lenses or if the lack of sleep I’ve had recently is the issue.


Bladdy cold isn’t it. I’m in the living room under a blanket with coffee and letting Spotify’s algorithm soundtrack my morning with Plaid, Ambient Aphex and BoC, very nice, very nice.

Not much planned apart from cleaning and tidying really, might make burgers and get a nice bottle of wine for later.

Valentine’s weekend :smirk: :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2::sweat_drops::eggplant:

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Took the bin out. Was a load of bin juice at the bottom of it :nauseated_face:

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Was the bin juice out of date?