saturday, so it is

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Had a horrible dream. Going back to sleep though now.

I almost forgot, but tonight I’m djing for my atds so we can have a sofa disco and get dressed up :relaxed: Can’t wait!


Good morning @cowcow @anon75298087 and those below this thread. And lurkers.

Going to head up to the coast for a walk - hopefully the sun will come out. Going to get fish and chips for lunch and either eat on the promenade or in the car, depending on the weather.

This afternoon, Portsmouth play the mighty King’s Lynn Town FC in the FA Cup. Come on you Linnets! So I’ll be watching that.

Yes I do. And I like @crisps as well.


Going to work. Don’t wanna.

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A sausage sandwich this morning. I didn’t catch the price of them before I asked the butcher for four. Turns out they’re well over a quid a banger. It made me wince but I was in too deep to back out

Then a walk of some kind, maybe with a dog

Good grief, yes


Hi everyone

Going to work in 15 mins :grimacing:

Yes I do like crisps

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Thanks guys!


Awake since 5 due to a very unsettled teething toddler. Said toddler greeted me this morning by pointing at her nappy and saying “poo”. A gargantuan leaking monster of a poo.

Quite like crisps. They’re better than biscuits.


Got an appointment at the tip. Quite excited.

Going to make a pie.

Will be eating crisps.


Totally true. Biscuits are a below-average vehicle for sugar.


And yes, I have been known to enjoy a crisp now and then. And in between.



So very tired.

Might make a nice meal tonight though.

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Morning! Scaffolding people are here to take down the scaffolding at this hour on a Saturday so that’s us popular with the neighbours and also my peace shattered.

Bit wine yucky from last night.

I LOVE crisps. Probably in my top five foods.



And what a morning it looks like so far

On solo childcare duty this morning, then this afternoon I’m going to leave the house and meet a friend who I haven’t seen since maybe February for a walk over the golf course. Might take my long lens and see if I can get a photo of the Isle of White (to get a glimpse of what Tier One looks like)


Oh me oh my my head.

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The wean is going through an unsettled phase as far as sleep goes. This has also coincided with his realisation that he can just climb out of bed and come through to our room to shout at us; can’t believe it’s taken him till now to figure it out.

The household are very tired as a result, apart from him - he’s full of beans.

Meant to meeting a mate and his family in a park at 11.

Think the TV wants to start putting up the Christmas decorations but we’ll need to give the place a clean and tidy first.

Hope you’ve all got a plans a tad more exciting than mine.


I was reading the posts from after I went to bed. Seemed like you went from “I’m knackered from a bike ride” to “I’m knobbed” in an impressive time. Unless you were pre-drinking on your bike.


Good sausages from the butchers are worth the extra cost.

Morning all.

Saturday rut going to be ploughed again today. Walk up to Didsbury Village. Lunch. go to tesco. Rugby. Dinner. Film.


Alright folks! I’m feeling pretty spry this morning, might nip out and get some tasty breakfast goods. It is boke w here, which is a shame. That’s basically all for my day, crisps are nice


Got home at 10pm. Cracked the wine at half ten and took first sip at 11. Went bed half one.