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Morning all!

The Child woke up at 6.30. After another sickness episode after midnight. She’s being a bit of a dick but I would be too if I’d had nothing to eat since yesterday.

We have tickets to a Pride event in town where some drag queens are reading kids stories so I’m hoping we are well enough for that.

I’m meant to be making some tuna tacos for tea.

Please talk amongst yourselves.


I am going to head down to an exhibition on computers and synthesisers at opening time, hoping it’ll be nice and quiet. Until they let me at the bleep bloop machines, that is.

No other plans. I’m expecting delivery of a massive box of 75 paints so I can colour in some orcs, and I’m quietly extremely excited about it.


Slightly concerned about the combination of sick child and



Morning @keith

We also have a sick child - ear infection here. Thankfully I got to the chemist five minutes before they closed to get some antibiotics prescribed over the phone yesterday before they closed

Today’s a busy one. Parkrun for me at 9, then back home for a quick shower before the fire station open day with Jimbo. Then it’s the school summer fair, which we have to hang around for since my other half has signed up to do an hour on the face painting stall. Then after that I get a bit of a break as they both meet up with some friends and go to some concert or other, which I plan to spend wisely by visiting the Hole in the Wall pub, which is celebrating the first year since it reopened.

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Alright DiS

Packing this morning and then driving to Bristol for a weekend with my best mate and her family. Made a chickpea masala last night to go with the biryani she’s making for tea. Got some Punjabi samosas as well.


Why the hell is this a reply to @rob.orch?

Sorry mate

I’m at the airport off to stag do (in the uk not at the airport). Customary 8.30am beer.


Yeah I do see your point but she’s been talking about this meal since Wednesday and if she’s well enough to eat then she’s well enough to eat I suppose.

Famous last words.


Off to Park Run in my hometome, hope i dont see any of the cool kids from school or teachers or anything whilst I’m wheezing round.

Then watch cricket and piss about with niblings

Trying get through the many Glasto posts


Breakfast in bed (toast starter: quorn ham, feta, honey. Toast pudding: gooseberry jam. Chai)

Got a tour, got like 3 people coming, love giving up my weekends to make £20 :upside_down_face:


Absolutely, its so yummy :yum:

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Off to Manchester la la la for a beer festival.
Gonna have to drive and stay at a mates as I’m no a scab.
Planning on getting very very drunk, feel like I need a bit of a blow out.
Starting at midday so might suggest getting back for macca on the pyramid for a couple of nightcaps

The one at kampus? Looks nice that one

That’s the one and my mate lives in asia house so nice and easy day

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Will walk past there after my tour, and bask in the glow of being in close proximity to a dis icon.

Mrs W drove from Kent to The Highlands yesterday. Today she climbs Ben Nevis. Tomorrow she drives home.

Last night my youngest daughter had her school disco, and after school she had 3 friends around to get ready. I’m just having a little break from hoovering up glitter.

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If it wasn’t sold out I’d have got you all the drinks. Can you sneak in with your Manchester buildings credentials?
If not listen out for an obnoxiously loud laugh, that’s me.


Just went to fb to double check its going ahead. And it starts at 9am, instead of 9.30 like most park runs. Annoying as i was up and ready

Ha, even if i could get in I don’t drink beer. Just thought it looked a really nice event last year and was originally going to get tickets for my bf but he’s away so going alone hoping for a good cider selection seemed a bit fuitle. More cider festivals please

Let me know if they do much in the way of cider and i might check it out next year :beers:

They do tend to put a few ciders and aperitifs on

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