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Please start an antigentrification chant once you’ve had a few drinks (the owners of that site are awful).

Never. I’m pro gentrification if it involves beer and pizza so they’ve won me over


Fair. I will continue my battle alone.

If they shut nells I’ll join you


Why am I awake already after going to bed at 3am :persevere:

Friend just messaged asking if we have skewers for them to assemble prawn skewers at my bbq later :upside_down_face::nauseated_face:

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Meant to be doing pride March in about 3 hours

But would quite like to not leave the house. Issues

Morning troops. Going to visit my mum and annoy her, maybe get a take away with my dad to stop him going crazy.

One of my best friends is playing in the final of the Shinty Scottish Sea Farms Celtic Society Cup today, against Kyle’s Athletic. Kyle’s are the favourites, having won six of the last eight trophies, and this is GMA’s first final in… Forrty two years. Haha. Anyway, I was planning on going along but circumstances have meant that I have no cash to do so.

Buuut it is on BBC Alba! BBC iPlayer - BBC ALBA



This will be the third time someone has brought prawns to a bbq at my house :upside_down_face::nauseated_face:

What did I do to deserve this

Off to feed the horses, watch some glasto and then later on going for cocktails and Asian street food

It’s a bit weird bringing food the host doesn’t like to a bbq

  • No, it’s normal, you take food to the bbq to be cooked for yourself
  • I take food I think the host would enjoy

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Maybe I’m just being really self-absorbed here. There are other ppl coming who like prawns tbf.

Already done some laundry, tidied up, put some spicy pork in the slow cooker for carnitas later and changed the cat litter. Now catching up on Supergrass’ Glastonbury set. Need to get some stuff ready for going away tomorrow then it’s 100% lazy for the rest of the day.


I think as long as you bring it yourself rather than just requesting it, and cook it yourself rather than expecting them to it’s okay!!
At least it’s outside so you won’t have to smell them or anything haha

I’m not saying it’s not ok, it’s just not something I’d ever do or think to do. I’m not annoyed with my friends or anything just having a genuine ‘huh, is this just a me thing?’ moment
I’m always thinking of bbqs as communal eating experiences where you bring food you hope will be enjoyed by everyone, and I especially think ‘what does the host like/not like?’ I’m not saying everyone should be catering just to me, it’s just the way I approach these sorts of things.


Morning campers :sunny:

Need to have a bit of a tidy and change my bedsheets etc for my friend coming to stay, and also have a shower and get ready etc. I’m not actually sure what the plan is, I’ve just sent little hints like “I really enjoy petting zoos” etc so I’ll see what he fancies doing.

Glad the sun’s out. Feels a bit more cheerful doesn’t it :blush:

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Ah see if I went to a bbq at a vegetarians house I’d take veggie food, I definitely wouldn’t expect or even want to eat meat at their bbq.


Oh no, sorry I wasn’t meaning to imply you were some sort of bbq overlord!!
Tbf I’m like you and generally just ask if they want me to grab anything specific and then bring stuff everyone likes like a nice pudding or booze haha.
I’m really sorry if my reply came across as rude!

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It didn’t :slightly_smiling_face:

Hard to convey tone on here sometimes isn’t it!
I’m just having an oh ok I’m the weird one here moment :grin:

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Dreamt I went to Glastonbury with some folks and then a woman I was with (dunno who she was) starting shouting that Emily Eavis was a super rich hypocrite and wasted loads of money setting up really nice lighting for photography of herself in the field. I then starting shouting “BURN THE RICH!” and a massive riot happened.

Once again was listening to a Russian Revolution podcast. Clearly the key to interesting dreams


Prawns do gross me out (and scare me a bit lol) but I’ve just told them we do have two types of skewers, which would they prefer and said I’m looking forward to seeing them :blush:

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