Saturday Social

Morning all!

Regular Saturday shenanigans here peppered with trying to get my car fixed and go into town too.

Tell me about your collective days.

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Pinch punch first of the month, no returns

Happy Saturday @keith

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Anyway, I’m still in bed, cursing my phone for still saying it detects liquid in the charging port after going out in last night’s filthy weather. No ParkRun this week - I’m out tonight and going for a run will take energy that I could usefully channel into social anxiety instead. Other than that I need to go to the library, and try and fit the new catflap I bought


Up early with the bubs who is currently playing a game of banging a xylophone mallet on the fireguard while trying to pull a plant off the mantlepiece

Not sure what we’re doing later, probably park if it stays dry and maybe some soft play and looking for a baby winter coat

Absolute thrill a minute Saturday im sure you’ll agree!

Can’t complain though, I’m off to a spa hotel by myself tomorrow and it’s going to be wonderful


Kid up at 6. Done two episodes of blue planet 2. Next stop, the world’s best soft play (essentially the world’s largest and fanciest bouncy castle) then a trip to the media museum in Bradford.


Morning :wave:

Been up to check on the rabbits and let them out into the run. Both are having an absolute feast on the grass!

Nice sunny morning after yesterday’s rain. Not sure what’s planned this morning - our friends (from whom we adopted the rabbits) are going to stay around to help Cheekster 2 get used to handling and feeding them etc. Going to make pancakes for breakfast.

Currently in bed with a cuppa though.


Also in bed with tea

Today is big breakfast, cathedral, bishops palace, lunch, beach, pizza

Got a bit of a sore throat which is not good but sure I will battle on :star_struck:



Been up since half 5, having a lazy start with coffee and telly but looks like a perfect autumn day out there so I’m looking forward to getting out. Seeing some friends later which will probably involve a pub somewhere.


Did an 11 hour sleep. Still don’t want to get up.

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Away with the family for the weekend and staying in a big converted barn in Dorset. I slept in a bunk bed last night for the first time in about 25 years.

View is pretty decent.

Going for brunch later and maybe down to the beach if the weather holds.


Going to the protests today, not sure what to expect. But first - breakfast!



So Sabrina has gone off of Prime so thats my binge watching over. Back to my rewatch of The Office US then.k

Typically as home alone had a rough night with F, shes got a cold so is very snuffly. Napping now though while I have a coffee on bed.

Today I am having lunch with my MIL (think she feels sorry for me for being home alone :see_no_evil:). Going to perhaps pop to the supermarket either before or after get something nice for dessert for after my tea tonight. Or might go into town and go Planet Doughnut. Decisions decisons. :thinking:


Woke up with a headache and I’m off to work and not happy about it. On the very last of my chai for a while too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Feel like there’s something I’m meant to be doing tonight. Does anyone know?

morning - working
afternoon - playing football
evening - chinese and maybe a sneaky pint with the kids

pretty perfect day!

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Celebrate Nigeria, Cyprus and Tuvalu’s independence from the UK days?

Or Tampere Day?

Tens of thousands of city dwellers take part in the events of Tampere Day every year. Popular places to visit have included local fire stations.


Oh i love that fire station up by Phillips Park. Oh i’ll go and hang out there. That definitely must have been it.

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It is the day before my partner’s birthday so just about to go and take the kids to the shops to get cards, cake mix, stuff for breakfast tomorrow and some small gifts, as is their want.

Not sure what we will do with the free afternoon, really should do something better than the required mountains of folding.

Need to get the kids chool clothes on though, Ffs. Never ends.

Put the Halloween decorations up?

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Up and at em. Back to indyman at 11.

My mate had breakfast ready for me when I got up.
Good hosting!!


The best of all breakfasts!

Have fun at IMBC, pls report on the cider situation.