Saturday! - Start early and finish late

Morning all!

It was a 6.30 start this morning. We’re watching Pokemon Sun & Moon which is the Pokemon version of Death In Paradise apparently.

We’re doing round 2 of Wor Lass’s birthday today. Afternoon tea is due to arrive around 12 and we’re doing some tea party crafts beforehand with The Child.

How are you doing Saturday?

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Today was also a 6.30 start for me. Off to work now. Bye dis

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Keep waking up at 6:45 irrespective of when I sleep. Fine when I go to bed at 11, not fine when I go to bed at 2.


Woke up before 7, currently watching England’s batting collapse (lol)

Going to titivate the house a bit, then watch Strade Bianche

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Woke at six. Told my brain it’s Saturday and I WONT HAVE IT. Back to sleep until 8 when V bounded in to show me tiktok.

Plans? Lounging, biking, napping.


Onto my fourth episode of Horrible Histories.

When we’re done it’ll be a Saturday dog walk / jambalaya combo.

Genuinely nearly threw up changing a nappy.

Just imagine I was hungover.


Was at home on my own last night as the kids & tv had a rare sleepover at a full antibody friends’ house

Luxury lie in ?

Fucking cat scratched me awake at 6:30 wanting a feeding and to be let out

Had a constructive 3 hours in ableton though and now I’m on the bus into town to buy a few household essentials before the city properly wakes up

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Woke quite early today. Maybe something to do with passing out early last night due to all those margaritas.:thinking::laughing:
Not got a whole lot on today, might meet a pal and his dog for a walk.
And have a think about what to cook for dinner.
Happy Saturday DiS. :+1:

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Blerg, tbqh

Waiting for the wife to get up so I can go for a run. Not managed to squeeze in one since last weekend.

Then I’ve got a toy storage thing to build and hopefully persuade the child to get rid of a few toys and stow away the ones that are left.

Rock… and… roll.

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have to stand outside for 3 hours for my work today. could really do with a diser pile-on/bundle

There’s no milk. Terrible start to the day.


Up at 7-ish as usual as l but that’s ok - it’s a nice day out. I’ve had some coffee and now I’m waiting until 10 so I can collect my records from Resident.

Morning. Been out shopping - walked two miles from supermarket A to supermarket B, to realise I’d left my wallet in the former. Hopefully that will be the dumbest thing I do today as I’m at work from 2.
On the other hand, it was a lovely quiet morning to get up for a walk down the river.


Morning. I am doing nothing all day but eating and listening to records.


Quite amusing story from a local facebook group. Can’t screenshot it as lots deleted now, but someone put last night that they’d just picked up really scrummy tapas from the local pub, tagging them in.

Oh boy… it had massively kicked-off between them posting at 11 pm ish, and this morning, and the OP had seemingly scarpered.

Turns out the original poster has clearly just logged back in and seen their unfortunate tipsy typo right before bed which was … “scummy tapas”