Saturday & Sunday: A Thread for the Weekend



I’m mainly thinking it’ll be one hiding inside with the Mrs – got a cold that’s getting worse and could do with retreating fully into comfort mode and binging telly series. But you?


Morning Xylo,

Slept really and I’ve still not bothered to get up yet. Just listening to Leonard Cohen. Will shower and go into town shortly to run some errands.

Will probably watch the 5.30 kick off then might be going to a fireworks display. I’m not fussed if I don’t though.

Hope you feel better! Drinking loads of honey & lemon always does the trick for me.


Fireworks i’m sad to miss, although i think coz of kitten we’d likely stay in and keep him safe anyways. He freaked out when some went off last night so have refilled his catnip toy and got him a little app thing which has kept his attention for about 12 hours straight at this point :smiley:


Haha bless him :grinning: - I hope you left your tablet of charge during this catnip/app binge? What’s the app called?

I think my flat mate is on cat sitting duty later. The fireworks have been consistently going off for a week or so round here. She’s been doing okay, mainly hiding under the sofa.


found a really good cocktail of drink and drugs to make me feel detached in the mornings!


plus the new Lambchop album is really beautiful


i freaking love lampchop. i imagine they’re even better when tripping out


yeah. kind of now annoyed that if i try and use the ipad for ANYTHING he beats it up in excitement.

It’s called cat toy, and it’s 79p :smiley: it also does a frog, a mouse and a spider.


I’ve got to check this album out, only been reading good things.


On my way to a conference then meeting a friend after. Riveting stuff as always.


is the conference at least PRETTY cool?


Haha it’s a double edged sword :crossed_swords:


morning xylo, all.

no plans to change out of my PJs this weekend. drinking a giant pot of coffee then got some artwork to finish. might do some cleaning.


Work til 4.30ish. Fireworks tonight!

Work tomorrow.

Work Monday

Off for 17 days :smiley:


what artwork?


17 days :o doing what??


putting out an album in a month-ish


Getting married in 7 days and 4 hours time. :ring: :couple_with_heart:

Then going to Mexico :airplane: :sunny:





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