Saturday & Sunday: A Thread for the Weekend


What’s good to do or see on a sunny day in Dundee?


No not at all


not exactly tripping just on a bunch of things to sedate me, it’s a very intangible record, sounds lovely and wistful and nostalgic and the melodies sort of float by before you can get a grasp on them.


what’s on the tshirt?


Morning to you and everyone!!

I’m in Newcastle for the weekend and so far all I’ve done is drink beer and eat all the food. I’m currently battling a food coma courtesy of the dreaded hotel breakfast buffet. My tactic was to just shovelled a bit of everything in my mouth.

If anyone can recommend cool things to do, good craft beer type pubs or coffee wanker paradises that would be amazing!

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well :frowning: Hope you feel better soon! Get on guzzling that Vit C!


this is excellent news. Dost thou band have a name?


Ask Elizabeth? She went to art college there.


Morning. Was up late watching the Netrunner World Championships. Brit on Brit final. Nobody tell Farage, please.

Going to get a haircut then do fuck all for two straight days. Looking forward to it.


You could at least have blurred it.


yeaaaaahhh but feel too weird JAGging stuff on here, but if you fancy giving it a listen i’ll send you a link when it’s out


Aye good shout!


i really would.

are you in a ‘professional studio’ or DIYing it? the xylo solo album is gonna be done by december but it’s mainly home-produced apart from a little bit or two


Obvs the person for any Aberdeen tipoffs too.


ooh nice, what kinda stuff is it? yeah i recorded the drums/bass/guitars in a studio and did the vocals and other bits at home. spent much more money on it than i intended to :expressionless:


Is this not the point where you form a supergroup together?


twee-indie-prog-metal supergroup, i don’t really see it personally.


Spending more money on an album than you meant to is part of the joy of musicianship, right? The TW record I did I spent way more than I was hoping to and made… sweet fuck all :smiley:

the new one sounds somewhere between Bazan and Ash I hope.


Like Babymetal without the aesthetics?



One of you’s got to dress up in the pink satin and ribbons- who is hairier? (probably @xylo?)