Saturday ((sung to the jongle on sat nite takeywakeys)

Morn. Going back to slep. How u?

Saturday Eurovision morningtons

Should I attempt to go back to sleep? Or ask my mates in a WhatsApp poll how well schofield and Willoughby are getting on?

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Morning. Child was awake at half 6, so we’re downstairs watching Hey Duggee. Had to wrestle my phone off her as she saw it and wanted to watch videos of herself on it. I then noticed she was messing around with apps and had to get it off her, cue mini meltdown but seems to have forgotten now. Can’t believe we’re back at the “having to hide our phones” stage again, thought we’d passed that.

Got a mate popping round at 10 to drop some old computer game stuff off then got another mates birthday drinks.


My legs are sore.

Gonna go to sisters and play with H

Morning morning!

Got eye test at half 9

Then over to do first reconciliation with the children I am doing communion classes with.

Big dog walk

Looking at a house which is good except it has fake grass. An awful lot of houses have this issue

Cook something excellent


Morning all!

The Child is not allowed YouTube this weekend due to misbehaviour so we’re watching Jungle Beat on Netflix. It isn’t terrible in itself but I can’t understand how James Corden continues to get work.

We’re at drama this morning and then she’s at a birthday party this afternoon. I’ll probably be wearing shorts.

I’m not sure what I’m cooking for tea but I think it will involve Quorn mince and potatoes.

New neighbours had a party so slept terribly. Let them off as it’s their first one.

Gonna nap for a bit. Off out for Chinese later

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Very irked because my parents decided to have uncle Pete stay tonight, which means I’m gonna have to watch Eurovision in the bloody kitchen. And because he only eats English cuisine I can’t have Chinese takeaway which is the highlight of my week!

(I know it’s a really minor thing but ffs!)

I hate uncle Pete so much!


I love him but he’s a fucking nightmare!

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Not sure where this belongs but it’s here now.

FAO @profk @Ruffers (not sure why I’ve decided this is for you)


Hasn’t he seen the TikTok beeves - not sure there’s anything more English than chicken w/ chilli and salt served with half rice half chips and curry sauce.

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I’ve just fed the cats, made a tea and I’m. Ie back in bed with Bella purring at my feet.

I’ve had a fantastic week of work, but the dread about Monday is starting.

Still, today I’m going to football and tonight we’re playing a new board game I picked up yesterday. Well I’ve been meaning to buy it for months but finally took the plunge yesterday.


Morning :wave:

It’s looking grey but dry outside. Might walk into town and take the cheeksters for lunch somewhere. Going to make a homity pie for tea - this was going to be tomorrow’s lunch but it’s looking like BBQ weather tomorrow :sun_with_face:

Not much else to report!


So tired. Sleeping on the floor isn’t good for sleep. Who knew

Isnt there always like a few English dishes at the end of Chinese takeaways just for these people?

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Oh saw this at Stoodley Pike



Spending the day with my aunt. Driving her into That London to see the Abba holograms and let her go into the big shops. She’s had an awful couple of years (my uncle had a misdiagnosis about a lump not being a cancer which turned into five years of increasing pain and his very lonely and painful death about three months into covid) and it’s nice to do something for her. But… she doesn’t like the tube, is a bit of a diva, and I’ve seen the Abba show twice already. It’s a good show but three times is probably pushing it.

Rating for today - could be a :star:★★★★, could be a :star::star::star::star::star:. Keeping positive.


Morning. I’m off to Tottenham for day one of a two day joinery course. Pretty excited. Should probably rehearse my banter a bit.


I’m watching real housewives of New Jersey and there’s this American lady talking to this Irish guy about when he came to the US and she asks him if he spoke any English when he arrived in New York :no_mouth:

Yoga this morning and chilling before going ou for burgers and beer :beer: :hamburger:

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