Saturday Superstars

Aren’t we?

What’s up? I am going to do nothing but mooch about and take dog for few little walks

Breakfast plans? I have toffee hot cross buns :star_struck:


Watching the curling then gonna go on a long walk via a farm to see a new cow and the vegan food market for brunch. Then gym and possibly a haircut

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Having toast and marmalade and a coffee

Woke up to Sad news - had some great times watching the Sadies

Might go and look at Futons today



On the train to Euston. Going to the Natural History Museum.



Good morning from the plague house. My plans for the day are … staying in


I’m sitting with an espresso flicking through the Cotton Traders catalogue (yes, paper version).

I am now officially 65.


I have just bookmarked a pair of cargo trousers with an elasticated waist.

Might as well take up lawn bowls probably quite fun, not a judgement


Just finished work. Realllllllyyyy need to stop the extra job but, the extra money!
Noticed the fence is a bit broken so need to fix that. Breakfast is stealing my son’s toast when he isn’t looking and billions of cups of coffee.

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I have a recording session today with a young Swedish singer who is just incredible raw talent

Purely by luck someone introduced us to each other and it feels like my life has changed forever and all those songs I’ve written over the years finally have someone who will do them justice plus there’s an endless supply of new ideas and energy

I’m trying not to get carried away but I’m super, super excited

If everything goes as it should, this time next year we’ll be millionaires


Oooh take some excellent photos!


Oh that is awful. I’m so shocked. One of the very, very best live bands and it’s all built around the dynamic between him and his brother. So sad. I met them once and they were lovely too.

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Morning all!

I’m watching cartoons with The Child as per usual.

We’re doing drama and then hopefully a day of relaxation and computer games (for me). It’s still snowing a bit so everything outside will be covered in slush.

I have no idea what I’m cooking for tea but I did buy some hotdogs yesterday so they could be it.

Those HXB sound tasty @Slicky .

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When I lived on Tyneside, a bowling club near us was advertising for a more diverse mainly younger membership and we had planned to go along but got delayed for some reason and went to the pub instead.

Oh, that’s sad news.

A few years ago I saw them at a festival in Canada, where the stage was a pontoon on the lake. I’d never heard them before that. They were brilliant.



I’ve got a belly full of crumpets, and I’m off to watch my daughter play football.

Nowt else planned for the rest of the day (except a baked Camembert).


Wife and daughter are in London and going to the NHM today and I’m very jealous. I hope you all have a lovely time.


The Neutral Hotel Milk?

Was annoyed I missed the Harryhausen exhibition even though it’s been here for years, and it finishes this week. So I panic bough a return ticket that I saw pop up a few days ago

So I’m currently in bed and have to get to a gallery 40 mins away … not sure I’m in prime art-appreciation headspace rn :sleeping:

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I’m sure you will be as soon as your get out your scratcher :+1:

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