Saturday Superstars

Suns out, need to clean myself up and get out for a bun or something

I’m still on the sofa though

Primark are now selling these


Gonna cut about London today, apparently we’re going to nettle market and broadway market. Coupla wee drinks here, coupla wee drinks there etc :slightly_smiling_face:


Tired cause of this and have woken up quite ropey (not from alcohol, think I’m getting ill/run down)

I don’t think I’ll be doing much today.

Making pancakes. Meeting some top DiSsers for table pizza and drinks later :heart::heart:


Whitney Houston and then Bruno Mars on 6music.

Bangers indeed

Stuck two fingers up to covid and the fact that I can’t do ParkRun by running around the garden for half an hour. Rah!


Made it


Nice there. We saw a lovely Ed Ruscha exhibition when we came up in early 2018.

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Optical as well?

Tenuous jungle joke

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I really don’t get that!

Went to the shop, popped to the bookies to put an acca on, then home to read the paper with a big pot of tea and a bacon and egg sarnie. How Saturday mornings should be, I think.

Need to venture into town in the rain in a bit, though, to pick up a few things, just need to get myself off this sofa…

Ed Rush and Optical do really dark dnb and are legends.

Wish I’d got breakfast stuff in. Maybe an idea for tomorrow.

Morning all.

Cocktails are dangerous.

Not much to do today except clean and tidy around the house.

GF is away to her friends birthday do for the night later, so solo parenting Smudge, playing Broken Sword 5 and Age of Empires, and watching more Vox Machina. Maybe one of the Marvel films later, or possibly Dune.

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I have covid :sob::sob::sob: never had it and i am clinically vulnerable so im very scared

Also :rotating_light: PSA: pls purchase a carbon monoxide alarm or test yours today! :rotating_light:


Is The Child picking the playlist?

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Oh no. I hope it is very mild. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know) :hugs: