Saturday the 18th of February


aka World Pangolin Day
aka World Whale Day
aka Pluto Day
aka Drink Wine Day
aka Battery Day
aka Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

aka A Battery Powered Pangolin Riding A Whale Over Pluto Whilst Guzzling Wine And Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.

Anyway, Morning! How’s it going!? What are you doing? Any Friday night adventures we should be made aware of? Of course there are :fireworks:

I’m currently sat crossed legged on the floor in the living room listening to Kid A, feeling annoyed with my 15-year-old self. I went to the Kid A tour in 2000 and definitely didn’t fully appreciate it. When that time machine finally gets built I might go back, advise my past self on maybe ditching the dark green, giant cord flares and purple jumper combo and give warning of any future life mistakes before elbowing my way to the front. Time machine well spent I reckon.

Friday Stats Check

Have you heard the one where the Irishman and Scotsman walk into a bar?!

DiS catch up, Q&A, that sort of shit

Haha awwwww yaaaay!!! Did you have a good night??? It looks like you most definitely DID.




Pangolins are the best animals and fully deserve their special day.


For anyone who needs to get the party started later (or why not this lunchtime?) and draw in a few more ladies, Billa currently has these for €7. You get a free novelty song download too to listen to on a loop while you down your sickly pre-packaged fruit flavoured shots.


I sure did, I was fairly well oiled by the time I met up with Kg, who is of course an absolutely lovely fellow.
Band were great, the support were fucking awesome as well, and a cracking venue :ireland::tumbler_glass::+1::beer:


Amazing and absolutely no doubt he is! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look happier than @kallgeese wrapped in your arms.


They were still there the next morning?


Drank all the drinks at our anniversary dinner and slept through until 9 this morning which is a monumental achievement for me as I’m wide awake at 730 most weekends.
Climbing with a friend then the TV is out this evening so I’m gonna play lots of video games :nerd:


You’ll be aware of this already I am sure of it, but y’know, it’s always good to have a reminder of such things.

P.S. How was your dinner? :slight_smile:


Went to a poetry book launch last night which was nice.

We didn’t get numbers for football this morning. It’s sad but also means I’ve had time to start the work I should have done last week. I’ve marked 14/17 NC Healthcare reflective essays since 11.00; only Higher English and HN Business to get through before Monday.



Girl I’ve been out on a few dates with decided we weren’t connecting enough last night, so my plans for today went out the window.

I’ve been for a run (disappointing 15 minutes out of the 20 I was aiming for. But I’ve walked and run @ 30km from Wednesday to Friday afternoon, so maybe should have waited to tomorrrow), I’de been shopping, may just shun the outside world til Monday morning now.


I have often had the dream that if I was born 200 years ago I would have been a whaler, but I probably would have just died of smallpox.

Anyway, going to see my mates play later, trying to make my cat sit on my lap to no avail


I was about to ask “Play what?” then it dawned on me…durrrr. Enjoy your mates play! Oh and I’m sure you would have made a fine whaler 200 years ago :whale:


Love pangolins, such a shame they’re endangered :’(


Think I saw those being modelled in the Jarvis Cocker AW16 collection :smiley:

Afternoon everyone, hope you’re all well?

@Lo-Pan & @Kallgeese those wee faces!! Glad you guys had a good night :+1:

Its been a busy morning here - had to take the poor cat to the vets after she’d hurt her paw out and about on one of her adventures. She’s doing okay now. And I’m just back from a sweaty squash session.

Going to spend the afternoon browsing new places to live. Drinking bottomless cups of coffee before spending Drink Wine day, like it should be spent :wine_glass:




Is there a way to hunt these novelty songs down without having to spend seven euros on sickly shots?


I have the opposite problem, with a cat not budging.

Later I’m going to someone’s 30th at some club. Not really my thing at all, dreading it.