Saturday the somethingth of June (11th?)


I am not at Primavera, or on holiday. I would like to be though.

I am in a rare weekend with zero plans, and am very much in a mental battle between doing literally fucking nothing, or doing loads of stuff that I’ve wanted to do for a while but will knacker me out. Given I’m still in bed, the former is currently winning.

What about you? Any gigs? Any recently-baked bagels to eat? Anyone borrowing a dog for a day? Any gem heists organised?

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Morning Rob, I’m off to get my hair cut. Would really like another few hours in bed zzzzzzz


Hello, I am at Totnes train station waiting for my train to Bristol so I can work for 13 hours.


Up with the bairns. Looks pretty dreich out there. Plans are to amuse the wee yins until taking og bairn swimming with revenge bairn coming along to watch. Then supposed to be heading to pub to watch the scotland game.

Throat doesn’t feel too bad this morning but ears feel very blocked and you can visibly see the glands in my neck are swollen. Don’t really know what i can do with the doctor totally fobbing me off last time.

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Morning! Been doing some house stuff I was behind on (washing up, laundry, lil tidying) while the coffee brews

Now prob just read in bed :sleeping_bed: with coffee :coffee: for a while. Gotta do coursework this morning and then hoping to go to nature in the afternooners


Morning all, my wiser and generally more excellent other half should be coming home from hospital today after a major op. That should make this a good Saturday. Have a sunny day.

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Morning Rob et al!

I’m not at Primavera either and I’m quite jealous.

I was meant to be having some drinks with DiSers but due to a combination of Covid scares and me double-booking, that isn’t happening.

I’ll be doing some writing and then going to a gender reveal party that I don’t really want to be at. I’m actually more excited that I only need to do about fifteen papers to be ahead of target by the end of the weekend.

Not sure what I’m eating or drinking but I’ve got a proper hankering for pastie, chips and beans after @profk mentioned it yesterday


Morning lovelies!

Going for walk with friend and her kids and then they are coming here for lunch.

No plan what to give them yet…pasta pesto is acceptable right?? If I fancy it up with artichokes/olives/haloumi etc??

Weather looks :sunny::sunny: which is excellent



Up with the kids early. Vv tired. Stripped all the beds, one load of washing out, another in the machine for this afternoon. Had a big old bowl of granola, Greek yog, fruit and honey for breakfast with a cuppa. Taking my daughter for a sleepover at my parents today, so a couple of hours spent driving. Might pot some hanging baskets and try to revive a plant I picked up from work.

But first, more tea



Looks very nice out but a lot of this weekend will be inside doing chores/DIY. Going round to my girlfriend’s family later today, we made an excellent looking rhubarb crumble last night but I wasn’t allowed to try any of it until later :cry:

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dance dancing GIF by Neurads



Off to Lazer Zone this morning to drop Jimbo off at a birthday party. While he’s in there I’m going to pop to the library and get a nice coffee. He’s actually got two parties today, so I get a free afternoon later, so the plan is to visit the new pop up pub round the corner from me (South Coast Beer Fans : up near Fiveways, being run by Lost Pier)

Made a proper dent in the breakfast buffet

Plate full of meat, cheese and bread
Plate full of crepes, omlette and grilled cheese
Plate full of pastries and cakes
2 cappuccinos, 2 espressos
3 orange juices.

Going back for a snooze now


Shame lost pier’s beers are a bit shrugs

Coffee and almond croissant then park run
Then shower then nothing

Off to help teach cricket to about 25 7 year olds. Do NOT want….

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Terrible sleep due to hayfever

Coco pops and a bagel for breakfast

Going to the cinemas to watch Jurassic Park #132 :neutral_face:

Need to cycle to Worthing and then crack on with a full day of painting and decorating. Every single room in my house needs painting. It’s quite exciting that the house is almost ready to move into but at the same time I cba and would quite like someone else to do it for me.

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Just get them to bowl at you and whack em all over

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Yeah. Never had one that’s excited me. Maybe it’ll taste better when it’s not out of a can?