Saturday then...

Alright? Off to work shortly, that’ll be a barrel of fun I’m sure :grimacing: feeling pretty down atm so please regale me with stories of your fun Saturdays!



plasticmike is currently painting the bathroom door with the shittest gloss paint in the world.

I’m waiting for some bread to finish baking, then need to put a second loaf on. We have some. family over for lunch, y’see. So I also need to go to Aldi.

Gonna go bivvying tonight. :camping:


Morning Funk House et al!

The Child was awake at 4.00 and then again at 6.30. I’ve been up with her since then. My parents have filled their house with noisy toys so nobody else will be sleeping either.

Meeting my mate for some afternoon drinks in a pub and then probably eating a Chinese takeaway.

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If I was starting this thread I’d have written almost exactly the same thing, so solidarity funky.

Might get a sausage mcmuffin on the way into work

Going home when I’m done which will be nice, got a bbq this evening with my atds :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve bought a Colin the Caterpillar for the occasion.


I’ve had crumpets for breakfast.

I need crumpets in my life more often.


Might go back to bed for an hour or so.

Oh my. Hungover. Like, really hungover. The kind of hungover that demands greasy food.

Still, child free until tomorrow. Nothing can spoil that.


Proper grafter, that’s what I like about him

Woke up like 3 times last night and give up now, will just get on with the day. Not much planned so will probably be fighting myself to not nap the whole day

5 years married today woot woot


I have a favourite gloss paint. I think it’s the sort of thing that happens to you when you get old.

Dulux quick dry satinwood.

Dries to a lovely finish very fast. Brushes are easy to wash. No drips. No smell.

Can’t recommend enough. Might do some skirting boards later.

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Morning Funky!

We are dragging the kids around s NT property this morning as proper MC parents.
Then it’s home for fall guys, something involving spinach and sewing more uniform name tapes.

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Off to work later. And off to work tomorrow. So yeah, a write off weekend

Last night my WHOLE dream was about buying a cardigan. All night. A lot of detail. A red cardigan. Hideous it was.

I always say other people’s dreams are only interesting to themselves but spare a thought for me.

That’s a dull old dream alright.


Joining Funky and Rich in the “Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go” crew. Given I don’t finish until midnight, I suspect the bacon sandwich I’ve just eaten will be the day’s high point.

In Margate, staying right on the seafront. Great fun but exhausting as we have our small toddler here who is full of beans and it’s raining out.

Shell grotto today and probably some windy beach action later followed by beers and takeaway (again :smiley:)


Going to go to the Coop and buy some sausages (as well as some more boring things) so I can have a sausage sarnie for breakfast. Think I’ll brave the showers for a walk after that. Got to do some work tomorrow, so I might have a lazy afternoon, watch a film or something, dunno.

Pretty emo new mask day today


Doing a closing shift 3rd day in a row. CBA, but day off tomorrow.