Saturday thread (14-12-19)

Morning all :wave:

Bit hungover this morning in spite of talking it fairly easy at the work Christmas do. Currently listening to Christmas songs in bed. Oh and this (eldest was delighted as it featured one of the stations we visited in the summer):

Plans: maybe a walk, football, going over to our mates’ house for some mince pies or something, that’s probably it.

How are you all holding up? Hungover? Plans?

Not sure why the video isn’t appearing in the main post


Morning CCB.

Got quite therapeutically drunk last night with my ex which actually helped a lot. More boozes today, wish I could sleep more.



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Still very very upset :frowning:


Woke up in the middle of the night, haunted by this John McClane plushie


Solidarity like, here :+1:


At the turn of phrase or the thought of more booze? Fair enough either way.

:face_vomiting: (phrase is fine, drank from 1-10pm yesterday which is about 7 hours too much drinking for me)


Off to work in a bit then to my mum and dad’s later for dinner and putting their Christmas decorations up (they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves but its become a tradition that we help, lazy fuckers).

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Have to meet my parents for lunch today and then go to a party with my GF’s friends later.

Going to finish ‘The Amber Spyglass’ in the next hour though.

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Morning DiS

Not sure what’s going to be the harder slog - doing Parkrun this morning, or finishing up my Christmas shopping.

We’ve got Christmas parties this afternoon and this evening though, so I just need to get through the morning.

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I blew my nose too hard and popped my ear and it still feels weird 2 days later. Great.

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Hungover in Bath. Was down visiting friends had a lovely time but not looking forward to the drive home.
Have what is going to be an insane evening tonight and I’m a bit scared.

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Morning, got a gym session with my trainer and then going to Partick Thistle to watch the football from the directors box. Gonna try and get a selfie with their scary mascot.


Christmas shopping. Feels like I’ve got homework to do.

Putting the tree up, big match, shopping, cooking, still being sad and angry.

Oh and V needs a black shirt by Monday. He informed me yesterday night 🤷

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Going to finish xmas shopping today, take the dogs on a long walk, clean the house, then watch the Army/Navy college football game.

Morning DiS

I actually had a big massive career-defining milestone yesterday, signed a contract that seals the entire budget & production of my mega-project until the end of 2021

So very mixed emotions in the wake of the Tory axis of cuntery

Now; eating a late breakfast with a slight champagne hangover after a rare lie-in & listening to RadMac on 6music

Today; probably fixing the last of Christmas presents, watching Liverpool v Watford, going to a neighbour’s ‘Glöggfest’ at their studio and then this evening …we get a new family member if we can pry Shades away from her siblings