Saturday thread (17.02.18)

What’s going on?

I’m in bed. Gonna run (17km).
Gig tonight. The Go! Team.
May get tickets for that Bjork thing in London. :thinking:

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Morning Matt.

Laying in bed, looking at how beautiful today is. Gonna have breakfast soon when the rest of this rabble wakes up. Then walk along the seafront to Brighton and maybe play on the 2p machines on the pier

Alright? Meeting plasticmike for breakfast near H&i station a bit later but not sure where to go, anyone suggest anything? New London Cafe looks alright.

After that: Daylight Music :heart: then some mooching. Need to clean bike and swap stem before it gets dark. Might cook a curry later.


Reckon I’ll serve it at 7ish. See u l8r


Maybe cinema soon. Skint though.

:shower: :fried_egg: :field_hockey: :skier: :it: :pizza: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :bed:

Off to Milton Keynes to throw cards at other nerds across garish cyberpunk* mousemats. Standard.

*it’s cyber NOIR, ffs!


Did you go to Boris?

Listening to a podcast about Jem and The Holograms, going to have a cup of tea and then I’ll go for a walk. Not much planned for the rest of the day. Might do some life admin I’ve been putting off.

Morning pretties

I want to go out but don’t really have anywhere to go/R is still a little bit sick/have family obligations later anyway. Might just go for a walk but there is nowhere interesting within reach:confused:

@plasticniki love a bit of Daylight Music, need to go to one soon.

Used to love £3.50 student tickets at Cornerhouse/Home when I was in Manchester :heart:

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Was about to ask what a Lesbian restaurant was before I read it properly.

Blimey it’s lovely outside


Morning all!

I’m playing football at half ten, viewing a house at half one and then driving to Edinburgh for my mother-in-law’s birthday meal.

I’ve got the same cold Wor Lass pretended she had last week and am regularly having to dislodge a load of snot from my face.

Hungover after drinking two beers last night

Off to band practice then going out to two gigs tonight :guitar:


I think we’ll need a Withersometer reading on this one.

Too much Chinese last night coupled with the Brian Harvey special I had for lunch has rendered me pretty immobile this morning so not going to do much more than lounge around watching football. Charity quiz tonight in the village with the tv and my dad, at the last one people brought candles, tablecloths and silver serving dishes etc for their food and it was ridiculous so I think this year we’re getting a pizza delivered halfway through.

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I’m eating ALL the mints!


17k sounds like an awful long way.

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Got back from Guildford at midnight last night after my sister got taken into A&E. Heading to see her again this morning. Looks like she’ll have an MRI and possibly an operation today. Just two weeks after my dad had a mini stroke too. I mean, FFS family, sort it out.