Saturday thread (17.02.18)

Is this pre or post breakfast?

Woken up by my flatmates family, but it means I’m up to watch the ice hockey.

Gonna wallow in my own misery I think

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Went to a village quiz night with a friend and her parents once. Was told there was going to be food, expected some chips, turned up and they’d brought a full on Waitrose picnic with Prosecco.


Ooof, sorry to hear this pal. Hope things are as okay as they can be for you and your family :heart:


This happens two or three times a year here, it’s weird. My village is basically a Midsomer Murders episode though so not surprising.

Thanks Pniks. I’ve no doubt it’ll be fine - just a bit stressful at the moment.

No one is that far out surely?

As @colon_closed_bracket would say it’s a lovely dàaaaaay so am heading out to the woods with the kids. Then hopefully some pub lunch, home where I should do the ironing, bit of work, football etc.

Gonna order mario kart so I can play with the switch gang and all

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Whereabouts in Milton Keynes does something like this happen?

Just had spicy eggs and mushrooms :fried_egg: :mushroom:
Gunna go view a load of houses :eyeglasses: :houses:
Then a run and maybe badminton :badminton:
Then watch the punching tonight :boxing_glove:

What do you reckon for the boxing? Might put a couple of £s on Groves in the 10th or 11th.

Fucking nice day eh. Just had smoked salmon bagels. Big dog walk next, then a bit of consumerism, then Home to get my pickled onions going, then meeting a friend for his birthday.

Honey is looking particularly pretty today:


I like groves for it. Think he’s a bit too big and canny. Not sure I’m confident enough in that to put money on though, if jr is actually as good as yildrim let him look then he’ll win. Can’t see it going the distance though

Never heard etc etc etc


No I think someone wins it late on but can’t tell who. Both to get knocked down at about 6/1 looks appealing.

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Yeah might get involved with that

Morning everyone :smiley: :wave:

Was contemplating popping through to Glasgow for a daunder about the shops and galleries for a change of scenery :woman_shrugging: still in bed tho, might just do the same in Edinburgh. Gig later.

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lol no

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At the leisure park/shopping centre near the roundabout. You know the one.

(Think it’s called Kingston? There’s a games shop and comic shop out the back)

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