SATURDAY Thread 20th Nov

Morning and mornang. Late shift to early shift, back at work already, I may as well have slept in the hospital…my mind was blank, check out the scream at 1:17, is there a better one in live performance?

Right, coffee…


Good morning, I’m awake for no reason as usual, I have some scones and jam and clotted cream so I’m going to have that for breakfast. What is that weird scaly stuff on top of clotted cream though it looks like giant dandruff


I don’t think what else happens today, you’ve pretty much won the thread with that breakfast.


Morning all :wave:

This weekend is the first for maybe about three months where we don’t have to do anything that is house-related :partying_face: no decoration, no sorting, no viewings, no searching. So the plan is:

  • have a big cooked breakfast (which I need to prepare soon)
  • go for a long walk on the coast
  • make pizza for dinner

Which is a standard CCB Saturday but with a temporary respite from House Stuff.

Slept really weirdly but never mind. Happy weekend :slight_smile:


Still bit poorly but going to bed at 8.30 last night has helped :rofl:

Off to Ghostbusters! today. Then the big match and another big sleep I reckon.


Morning all!

I’m up watching awful videos with The Child on YouTube. I had a coffee and a bagel for breakfast.

We’re going to Edinburgh later this morning so The Child can go to do some soft play and I can drink some beers with the Edinburgh Young Team.



Feel like I had about 3 hours sleep when in fact I had about 4 :partying_face:

Got work this morning, obviously not overjoyed about that but then from 1pm I’m work free and child free for 24 hours and I’m going to Paradise Studios in Salford for some art launch and then to see Easter in town.

Would very much like to sneak a nap into the equation.

Working from 12 onwards. Will take the eldest out on her scooter to burn off some energy before I go to work

Had a lovely time drinking cocktails and watching Katherine Ryan last night.

Today comprises:

Hotel breakfast
Drive to my father in law’s to pick up the kids
Drop eldest daughter at theatre rehearsal
Pick up dogs
Try and chill for a bit
Head into London for a gig with @UncleRetrospective

After this weekend I’m going to need to sleep for at least 36 hours.


OG bairn’s party today so that will consume most of my day. Might get a take away and a few beers later.

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Off to ParkRun shortly, and after that me and Jimbo are going to cycle into town to buy him some swimming goggles. Then he’s got a party to go to at 12. And then late on I’m seeing Self Esteem, twice - once at Resident late afternoon, then a proper gig tonight at Patterns


Morning troops. Had a mixed week - one of those moments where you have to tell your boss that you cannot actually do a bit of work they have asked for, and then when the team meets everyone starts talking about it and… You realise that someone fucked it and you weren’t even supposed to be doing that part of the work and someone else had dropped the ball?

Well, that.

I got a new phone - Samsung A52s 5G.
I got an Xbox Series S @AutumnBeech lol

Today it is a local Christmas Market and funfair if the rain holds off, and a bus ride!

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Morning all.

Up and have walked the dog.

Pretty knackered and slightly worried I’ll fall asleep at Idlewild tonight.

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@Funkhouser and I will be very interested in the order you put the jam and cream on the scone. Either way, sounds like a breakfast of champions!

off to work in a minute, very little else to report. Still buzzing a little bit from the Springsteen concert film I watched last night.


Cream first, always! And scone like cone not con


Morning all!

Had a rough sleep last night. Kept waking up, etc.

Gonna take the dog for a quick spin shortly, might give my hair a quick buzz and then off to the football this afternoon.

Invariably end up being a cheeky little cycle back from Birmingham on a hire bike because the trains can’t be trusted.

Some form of takeaway on the cards for dinner tonight.

Meeting some pals in London

My (proven non covid) cold knocking me about all night actually prompted me to draft a message saying I couldn’t make it, but I’m feeling slightly better (albeit very stuffy and VERY tired)

Not really sure what compelled this woman to do this but last night while I was at the bar ordering a drink absolutely silently and to myself a woman was shouting in my face “you’re fucking fugly! Do you know what that means?” And I was like (: haha ok and she was right in my face over a stranger in-between us going “you’re fucking FUGLY. MEANS FAT AND UGLY!” (Repeatedly, I must add) And I was like hahah ok thankyou. No one at the bar stood up and said anything and I just paid for my drink and walked off like wtf. Got to barleysugar at the table and he was like wtaf I’m gonna fucking kick off but then the barlady came over to tell me she had just left.

People are fucking awful.



Aw fuck, hungover and working - it’s my last week in work and I accidentally sent a customer this meme instead of an image of some flowers

Fuck :smiley: