SATURDAY Thread 20th Nov

Right on both counts!



Slept good, having bubble and squeak with eggs and :coffee: and orange juice.

Probably do a bike next then we’ll see until it’s time for Self Esteem double later on

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Got some extreme dadding to do this morning in the form of changing some bulbs on my car ahead of its MOT this week.

Then we’re off to buy some pottery. Might go to the tip on the way :facepunch:

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Yeah and the fucking coward disappeared immediately afterwards so there were no repercussions

I’m so sorry, that is horrific behaviour :frowning: hope you’re okay, fapps. And I hope that woman fell in a bin somewhere.

Also, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re absolutely stunning :heart:



This was meant to be my last weekend free of plans this year (and my first for ages generally) but work has really piled up so I need to write a proposal for a job I’m not particularly excited about (but want because it’s a good client to work with) and try and finish another presentation - can’t see how that’s not gonna take me the whole weekend tbh. Hoping that if I get a chunk done today I can reward myself with some Xbox and a fancy beer later on.

People being compelled to be dickheads is utterly baffling to me. What on earth. Sorry no one told her to get bent whilst it was happening. Hope she didn’t ruin your night, you beautiful babe :kissing_heart:


Yeah that’s what annoyed me, its like she knew that the two other people would say fuck all. The girl serving was quite supportive after the fact but didn’t actually say anything at the time, think she should’ve been like erm okay you can fuck off out the pub please.




So sorry this happened to you. Like others said you are a beautiful brilliant woman and this woman was way out of order.

Shocking behaviour. I hope you are ok xx


I got told I was a close contact at work the other day so waiting for my PCR result. LFT are neg so don’t think I’ve got it but it seems to have gone round a fair bit to other people from the one day at work this week.

Currently binging Real Housewives ultimate girls trip - have you watched @shes_so_high @Funkhouser ?

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Off to New Lanark to meet a baby.


Just had the grumpiest bus driver in a long time, which is saying something. Said thank you as I was leaving and his response was the push the “close door” button so it hit me on the arse on my way out

Hate grumpy bus drivers, ruin your day sometimes

Not long up and gonna find someplace to eat. Last night was fun. Meeting a bunch of my ATDs, canny wait. :grinning:
Laaandaaahn innit

Not yet but it looks amazing. Is the whole season on HayU or just an episode at a time?


4 are up already! Think there will only be 6 or 8 episodes in this season

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Chinese on you tonight

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Gonna go and escape the room in a while! Woophoop!

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