Saturday thread! (22/12/18)

Morning all

I’m up and about so I might as well get things going. Hope you are all recovered from the excitement of DiSmas, the debauchery of the DiSmeat and repeated games of Who DiS?

Plans for today: it’s looking sunny so am going to head up to the coast for a walk. This evening we’re going round (as a family) to our friends’ for dinner - they deck their conservatory out like Santa’s grotto for the girls, it’s quite sweet.

What about you? Tell me your plans, DiS!

Oh and I forgot to post this yesterday. Probably the most bonkers song in the Christmas canon:

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Hello! Last night in Byron Bay. It’ll be spent putting a toddler to bed, packing up stuff and having a beer or two. Then in the morning it’s off to Brisbane for Christmas and a fairly settled period for a few days.


Morning ccb, r_o,

Only had 1.16 pints at the meat but feeling :sleeping: because I couldn’t get to sleep for ages.

Should go get a prescription today but will probably put it off until Christmas eve like a fool. No other plans, might see if R wants to watch a film perhaps or make more ridiculous train tracks with him.

Work. Will probably be crazy busy but I’m ready for it, in a way. It’ll mainly be meat and alcohol I’m imagining, and that requires very little effort. Need to get off the can and get going really.


Morning. Need to get up and pack to go to the IoW. Bed’s way too comfy tho :hugs::hugs:

Don’t think there’s anything in for breakfast :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Just realised that someone has come into our back yard last night and nicked my bike :frowning: I don’t think I locked the back gate before bed as it was pouring down with rain.

It was second hand and not worth that much (and thankfully they didn’t take my wife’s bike, my girls’ bikes or anything else) but still, am a bit bummed about it :frowning:

Was meant to be at the theatre later for a kids show but still got a poorly child so not leaving the house. Suits me more actually.

Woke up wide awake at 640. Why? Usually feel appalling at that time when the weekday alarm goes. About to finish off my work for the year then go to B&Q for a new toilet seat. What a start to the day!

Oh no. That’s awful. I’ve had mine stolen from under my bedroom window in an old flat and it creeper me out so much to think of people in my garden.

I hope you can get a new bike sorted. What total rotters


Fuck sake, I’m so sorry ccb :cry:

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Heading to my folks in Yorkshire for Xmas. Can’t wait to see Roxy (dog).

It’s the second time it happened and normally I’m really vigilant with locking the back gate. I reckon it’s worth no more than about £50 second hand but still.

Anyone selling a bike?!


I’ll see if I can put you in touch with whoever stole mine a couple of weeks ago…


You and @colon_closed_bracket should make films walking round yer respective towns trying to find it.


Hi everyone.

Going out golfing soon. Will hopefully stay dry but I doubt it will.

Currently listening to Blondie.

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Hungover as fuck. I haven’t been properly hungover in about 6 months.

Gonna do more laying around in the dark then move to the sofa for the muppets movie

Ah man, sorry to hear you’ve had one nicked too… Yes let’s go on a bicycle hunt


Morning everyone

I managed to get the slowest train home to Brighton last night, but it was that or leave the meat an hour earlier so :man_shrugging:

I had written off today a bit, but I might actually get some stuff done today . It’s an Xmas miracle

Flying back to glorious Sturgeontopia in a bit. Fully prepared to flounce out of the airport in a huff and drive up instead if some absolute Milhouse causes any drone-related delays.