Saturday Thread (25/May)

Morning all! Hope no one else makes the thread.

Went to a safari park yesterday. Was insane. Saw animals I’ve never seen! Lions and stuff!

Not sure what we are going to do today.


Morning sheeldz, all. I have woken up stupidly early with a bear-like sore head. Later on I am taking part in the Crystal Maze!


Morning sheeldz, tilty, rich, all. Got work soon, really cba, it’s going to be busy and it’s nice out and I just don’t want to go. Going to my sister’s for dinner later so that’ll be nice.

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That sounds like a great day!

Have my parents and sister and her family visiting for a picnic to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday that’s Monday, not today. Weather looks great for it. Gonna give kiddo her ready brek in a sec and make a cuppa.

Obsessed with this track atm. Just keep putting it on repeat

I am skint, so off to work a bar shift for Slam Drunk festival


Morning all. Early gym session and then going to see my nephews. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Massively jealous


Got up at 7am (it’s 8:48 here now) on a Saturday, for my BFF’s bachelorette party. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with sleep so this is a real declaration of love right there.

Waiting for the bus now, with a bag full of matching t-shirts that I have designed :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


If this was a schoolday I’d be struggling to keep my eyes open. But when I actually want to go back to sleep I can’t.

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awake but not up

would like eggs




I’m making scrambled if anyone is interested


Dads birthday today so we’re having a barbecue around my sisters. Hopefully the weather will be ok.

4 eggs please, on bread and butter not toast and some brown sauce. Cheers.


Woke up dead early so I’m currently climbing at one of my local spots. Bloody love that this is a 10 minute drive away from home.


Soz it’s not to everyone’s tastes but I am a fan


Didn’t sleep well. Need to try to use psychic powers to get 'er indoors to go get me breakfast pastries from co-op.

Morning Sheeldz, all,

Just in the process of making an omelette for what some might call, breakfast, but what I’m considering breakfast 2, having had a slice of leftover pizza and a spoonful of Whole Earth crunchy for breakfast 1. We’ll be meeting up with a friends for another walk down the Kennet and Avon canal later. This time I think we’re heading down to the Rowbarge in Woolhampton, where we’ll hopefully enjoy breakfast 3.

And that’s what’s going on.

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I think I have food poisoning :sob: I don’t think I cooked my salmon properly yesterday and I was up loads over night being pukey :face_vomiting: Oh yeah, and EVERYTHING HURTS. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow, I really hope I feel better by then. Pray for me, friends. Pray for Rarity :pray: