Saturday Thread (25/May)

that is the correct consistency for scrambled eggs, good work.

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Get well soon @rarity!

I’m off to the park with some pals in a bit, woken up with a hangover which is very unusual for me.

Currently enjoying a cup of tea and the new Hayden Thorpe album and the sun is streaming in through the window and everything feels pretty good

Was going to go see Tamaryn but I think I’m all gigged out, unless I get a sudden burst of motivation

Added a WhatsApp button to a clients website yesterday. Just randomly decided to look at it today and it’s not there. Looks like the fucking moron backend developer has replaced the entire website with a backup made prior to my changes. Sods law dictates that I didn’t push my changes to the GitHub repository so I can’t even remake it here as I don’t have the phone number anymore that the client told me to use for it. Just makes me look like a fucking idiot even though its not my fault. “Okay thanks for that, that’ll be added in the next five minutes. And then it’ll disappear at some point Friday afternoon without warning.”

Bank Holiday weekend as well when it would’ve been really useful for enquiries for them as well. He’s gonna think I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.


Got a wedding today so I’m full kit wanker


I get dyshidrotic eczema sometimes and recently I’ve realised that it only really happens after drinking beer

Sure enough today my hands are itchy as fuck and I want to cut them off

Going to do some experiments, next time i’ll just drink vodka and see if it’s the same. Doubt it will be, I already know I’m allergic to something in booze and it’s worst when drinking beer.

Why am I typing this I don’t know, it’s just something to do, isn’t it.

I’ve had a flare up of eczema recently on my wrists which I haven’t seen for a long time and I’m wondering if it’s a reaction to starting to drink a lot of milk. Should really cut it out and see what happens.

You are a very handsome man, xylo
Be still my beating heart

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It’s actually a crop top that looks like a suit. I’m in denim shorts out of shot


mine is on my wrists today arrrgh it’s horrible. gonna go full detective mode on this.


I might add a bit of hot sauce on the side but that’s a very commendable effort.

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Can’t you get some strong creams out where you are? My friend spent a year working in CR and got given a cream for her eczema which she was using on her face. Ran out when she came back to the UK and asked her GP for a resupply - they promptly had a fit - turns out she was on full strength steroids. They took her off it immediately and her face looked like the elephant man for weeks. :grimacing: so maybe don’t do that…


Considering a second breakfast. Got sausages and :fried_egg:. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


:smiley: jesus.

I’ve tried all sorts over the years and nothing has ever worked, and to be honest I don’t have flare ups much at all these days (probably because I rarely drink). I’m not that bothered about dropping beer altogether honestly, the only problem is that a pint costs under a quid here and a vodka and coke (or similar) costs £3 or £4. But I don’t drink much anyway so whatevs, I’d rather just be sober than wake up and feel like my skin is on fire.


Morning all!

The Child woke me up this morning complaining about a massive toilet event which was quite shocking to deal with first thing.

Had some toast and posh jam and coffee though. No pictures.

Playing football in an hour (think we’re already a player short) and then my sister in law is visiting so Wor Lass can do her hair. I’ll probably play some computer games, or might take myself out for lunch.

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Eventful night
Did a gym
Waiting for gf to get ready so we can do breakfast at Dishoom
Need some sleep

looking sharp, boss

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