Saturday thread - April 9th

Morning DiS, happy Saturday to you all GBoLs

Who’s doing what today? Who’s got the best food plans? Anyone off to watch some Association Football?

I’m feeling a load better post-covid so need to get shit done - wash car, buying a roof rack, packing for holiday etc. Supposed to be seeing Mclusky tonight. More importantly, off to Scotland for a week’s holiday tomorrow!

Today’s banger is the opener from the new Rolo Tomassi album:



Up much earlier than I would like tbh. Girlfriend was faffing with her phone charger at about 6am and is now sound asleep again whereas there’s no getting back to sleep for me. Beautiful morning though so I’m going to have some coffee, maybe do some cryptic crosswords and enjoy the sun.

Plans for the day include tidy the flat for guests coming tomorrow and pack to go on holiday on Monday. Then pub later.


Morning! :sun_with_face:

Taking dog to puppy graduation class. Then walk this afternoon somewhere…

Should clean the house really but…nah.


Morning. Wasn’t well last night. went to bed at 8.30 and slept for 10hrs. Still achy and sniffy. So we’ll see.

Working 1-11 today. Can’t wait obvs

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Currently lounging in bed contemplating the day. Rough agenda:

  • Get up and make a pot of coffee
  • Do my 10-min workout
  • Drink coffee
  • Brown some diced beef, chuck it in the slow cooker with chopped veg, casserole mix, brown ale
  • Get on the road to South Wales to watch 90 minutes of disappointment at the Liberty Stadium (is it still called that?)
  • Drive home
  • Eat casserole with giant Yorkshire puds and wine
  • Watch MotD
  • Fall asleep
  • Wake up c.2am
  • Go to bed

So we’re going to need to see graduation photos, ideally with a mortar board and a fake parchment plz.


V cosy in bed with the tea bf left in my yeti cup :heart:

Today I need to exercise and wash 80 napkins by hand.

Sunny here and I’m off for three days.


  • Coffee
  • Bike
  • Lunch
  • Might go to the tip
  • Cut the grass
  • Repose

How do you exercise a napkin?



Take them for a run around the block duh


More info pls

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Had a dream about an excellent house, thousands of dogs and a cool rat who i showed a lit match to and it sent him into some sort of stoner trance.

Work this morning. Please no.

Not much else going on.

Got to go pick a floor for the extension, if you know what I mean

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I had a wonderful image of you leading a load of napkins around a series of jumps, like show ponies.



Portuguese tart for breakfast
Parkrun in a bit
Maybe go to the library this morning
Off to a farm to see lambs and shit this afternoon
Out for a friends 50th tonight

Fingers crossed for the added bonus of an afternoon pint with some Dissers between the last two items on the list too


No I don’t know what you mean

In a central London Travelodge. Why try diversifying your shagging portfolio and getting rejected/messed around when you could just go back to the same person who is great at it and you think you’re finally over in a romantic sense? In a much better mood now :sparkles:

Now off to volunteer at National Student Pride with my two work besties, we’re all dressed up for it. Well I will be once I get dressed. I got a new dress for it which is v cute.


Morning all!

I’m still keeping my germs to myself so nothing much exciting happening here.

If the ground is dry enough, I’ll try to mow the lawn once it warms up a bit.

Dragging the kids out on a long dog walk, primarily to harvest as much wild garlic as we can carry.

Wild garlic risotto for dinner.


Going all the way to Glasgow just for a nice meal. As if we don’t have nice food here too, pffft